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In the additive production of metal parts, the part and material are emerging simultaneously. This means that you don’t only have to be sure that the parts are geometrically correct, but also that the material has the right microstructure and properties. The number of variables influencing the quality of an additively manufactured component is known to be very large. The simulation module is a software tool that creates virtual prototypes and allows you to control part quality and reduce the amount of build failures. Simufact’s proven simulation technology, combined with Materialise’s AM knowhow and software backbone is leading to a full software solution tailored to the Metal AM process.

5 reasons to choose
the Materialise Magics Simulation Module

  • Apply proven high-end AM simulation technology in metal production

  • Rely on software that is easy to use and doesn’t require simulation (or AM) expertise

  • Work with very fast and robust simulations on a normal workstation

  • Apply simulation within your trusted Magics environment

  • Benefit from a very competitive price

Checking deformation tolerance

  • Capability to separate visualization of Part and Support
  • Capability of setting tolerance and checking the regions that are out of tolerance (marked in grey)
  • Access to simulation results in Magics SG+ Module and reinforce the support


The Benefits of Simulation Software

Minimize Your Time to Market and Development Costs

The Magics Simulation Module allows fast simulation reruns. This will reduce the amount of expensive test builds, speed up your time to market and reduce development costs significantly

Print First Time Right

Since you will be able to assess the distortions of the part, you can effectively position and adapt the support structures to counteract the distortions. This will reduce the risk of build crashes and production of parts with poor quality.

Predict the AM Process from Beginning to End

You can minimize scrap based on robust AM simulations and use our advanced data preparation software to define support and orientation while our control platform allows you to set up, control and intervene during the build process.

Improve the Quality and Lifespan of Your Manufactured Products

Use simulation to assess the best part orientation during the AM process. The best orientation gives a better part quality (less deformation, lower residual stresses, better surface quality …).

Risk of shrink lines

The simulation results predict where shrink lines might occur. Red indicates a high risk of shrink lines while blue indicates no risk.


Risk of recoater contact

The red region indicates the risk of recoater contact, which can occur due to residual stress, and can cause warpage of the part.


Total displacement

This simulates the overall deformation of the part after 3D printing.


Simulation of support structure

The simulation results provide insight into the risks related to support structure. The red region indicates that the support is prone to failure or tends to warp. Reinforcement of support in that area is suggested.



Distortion compensation

Automatic part modification by distortion compensation. The red region indicates the original part, while the gray is the part with compensation applied.


Overheating prevention

The Simulation module will detect zones affected by heat accumulation.


Overheating prevention (1).jpg


How to Use Simulation and Reduce Costs in Metal AM

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