According to your needs, additional modules will help you take your data preparation and printing process to the next level.

Sinter Module

To make your sintering process business time-and cost-efficient, we developed the Materialise Magics Sinter Module.

The Magics Sinter Module is equipped with a powerful multi-core nesting algorithm that will automatically nest your parts in no time. To protect small and fragile parts, and easily retrieve them after building, you can build a crate around them with the Sinterbox function.

With the Materialise Magics Sinter Module, you can:

  • Nest parts quickly and automatically on multiple platforms
  • Control the build time, height and density
  • Avoid interlocking and colliding parts
  • Create protective crates
  • Re-nest from an existing configuration

Simulation Module

The Materialise Magics Simulation Module, based on Simufact Additive technology, is designed to bring high-end simulation capability to AM production sites. The user-friendly module empowers every metal AM operator to easily assess potential build errors, without the need for specialized simulation expertise.

Since the simulations are seamlessly integrated with Materialise Magics software, you have all the tools at your fingertips to further optimize your virtual build platform. Having both reliable simulations and the ultimate AM data preparation toolbox in one application allows you to print it right the first time, fast and efficiently.

Without simulation software, it can take several expensive test prints to find the right orientation, support design and machine settings for your 3D model. With this software extension, you’ll be able to analyze how the digital imitation of your metal print would behave during production. This is useful for every metal part you produce, and even more so for series production and high-value, customizable components with complex geometries.

With the Simulation Module, you can:

  • Predict areas prone to deformation, overheating and residual stresses
  • Reduce the risk of build failures and make test prints redundant
  • Speed up the search for the best parameter sets to build your parts
  • Modification of support and orientation based on simulation results
  • Counter-deform your parts to avoid deformations arising from the printing process

Structures Module

The Materialise Magics Structures Module is designed to help you reduce the weight and material usage in your prints. Whether you wish to hollow a part and fill it with a lightweight structure; convert a part to a lattice structure; or create holes to remove excess powder or functional surfaces, the easy-to-use wizard in our Structures Module will guide you through every step of the way.

The module features a structures library and can be used to alter structures to meet a variety of objectives, including saving powder, controlling the temperature, reinforcing your design and much more.

With Materialise Magics Structures Module, you can:

  • Lower your powder consumption and production costs
  • Add strength to the parts
  • Reduce distortion (due to the heat generated during the build process)
  • Create porous designs
  • Design your own unit cell structures to create a lattice structure

Support Generation Module for Metal (SG+)

In Additive Manufacturing for metal applications, support structures fulfill a larger purpose than just supporting a part during the build process. An optimal support generation for metal also minimizes deformation, prevents build crashes and reduces post-processing work.

The Magics SG+ Module offers you all the tools needed to find the optimal orientation of your part, the right type of support, good anchoring, heat transfer and more. With the guidance of the Magics SG+ Module, printing metal.

With Materialise Magics SG+ Module, you can:

  • Conduct heat and avoid deformation
  • Optimize part orientation
  • Recuperate powder
  • Reduce build failures with build validation tools

Support Generation (SG) Module

More than 30 years ago, Materialise started with just one Stereolithography machine. And from the very beginning, it was clear that intelligent software was needed that could deal with issues in the area of support. The Materialise Magics SG module was introduced as a solution, and today offers the most complete support generation toolbox for Stereolithography on the market.

With Materialise Magics SG Module, you can:

  • Easily identify critical support areas
  • Reduce data preparation time with semi-automatic support generation
  • Create and optimize adequate structures for different types of geometry
  • Efficiently remove support and limit finishing time
  • Save building time and material with non-solid, single-line, optionally perforated supports
  • Stay in control of all of your parameters
  • Choose from a complete gallery of support structures

Tree Support Module

You want to make sure that your small and delicate 3D-printed items come out just the way you designed. This is where the Materialise Magics Tree Support Module comes in. Not only does tree support hold your object tightly in place during printing, but the trunks and branches also connect to each other, with only minimal contact to your print. This provides easy break-off points and reduces the time needed for post-build processing.

With Materialise Magics Tree Support Module, you can:

  • Improve the surface quality of metal prints
  • Prevent part deformation with enhanced heat conduction systems
  • Save time on finishing
  • Use trees to create inlets in your lost-wax mold

Import Module

Materialise Magics bridges the gap between CAD files and 3D printers by importing nearly all standard CAD formats, and packages such as SketchUp, SolidWorks or Rhino as well as traditional ones. With the Magics Base License, you can import more than 15 CAD file formats. If you want to convert an even wider range of file formats to STL, the Materialise Magics Import Module is what you need.

Magics  Import Texture Support Color Support Export
3D PDF  
3DS, PRJ  
Optional Import
Import Color Support

With Materialise Import Module, you can:

  • Manage the resolution of your data while importing it (for better STL quality)
  • Import native color information
  • Receive a repaired file after the import

Tetrashell Module

Traditional metal investment casting is a long and risky process. Much time is lost during the tooling phase, a wrong assembly of the wax can cause an incorrect coating and the wax may sag during the investment phase. With Tetrashell by SOMOS®, all these risks fade away. Transform a solid CAD design into a robust, hollow STL model for any Stereolithography equipment worldwide.

On the one hand, the software facilitates and shortens the investment casting flow. On the other hand, it offers a cost-efficient and reliable way to produce strong lightweight parts. Tetrashell has a wide field of applications, ranging from aerospace, to electronics and orthopedics.

Why go for Tetrashell by SOMOS®?

  • Prevent assembly errors
  • Shorten the design evaluation from months to days by eliminating the tooling phase
  • No longer invest in casting tools
  • Achieve best-in-class quality
  • Experience impressive user control
  • And more

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