Materialise e-Stage for SLA and DLP

Materialise e-Stage has a very powerful algorithm that leads to significant cost savings, especially labor costs. It has been proven that the data preparation time for Stereolithography builds can be reduced by up to 95%, whereas the finishing time can be reduced by up to 25%. You can tweak the algorithm in the extensive parameter list and optimize it depending on the machine, material and part geometry to ensure that all of your builds are created successfully. In our latest version, Materialise e-Stage 7.0, we introduced gusset preference parameters, which you can tweak to save up to 50% more material.

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Save time on

Data Preparation

Spending hours editing support structure could be a thing of the past. Materialise e-Stage is fully automated, due to an intelligent algorithm and extensive parameter set.

up to

of the time spent
on support design

Build Process

By using gusset parameters, you can force part-to-part connection in order to lower resin consumption and the build time of a part.

Support Removal

To ensure that you can easily break off support, Materialise e-Stage generates needle-thin contact points. Support removal has never been so easy.

up to

reduction in support
removal time

Finishing the Parts

With Materialise e-Stage, support structures are generated only where needed. The structures will even avoid contact with the part as much as possible to limit finishing work.

up to

reduction in part
finishing time

“Furthermore, the finishing process after using Materialise e-Stage is really effective and easier than some other software packages with heavier supports. We can easily remove the support structures of big sculptures with many contact points. After the support removal, there are only a few marks on the prints, which can be smoothened in no time”.

– Raging Heroes

Production Improve

Reduce the risk of build crashes

Since the support generated by e-Stage is created automatically, human errors cannot occur. Every surface that should be supported will be supported.

The software also takes into account the force of the recoater (‘horizontal top load’ parameter) in order to prevent crashes caused by the recoater. It will also reinforce the support connections of tall, thin parts to ensure a proper stabilization and to prevent deformations while building. You can change the size of these connections in the parameter sets (‘horizontal connection height’ parameter).

Decrease resin consumption

By using gusset parameters, you can force part-to-part connection in order to lower resin consumption and the build time of a part.

Improve resin drainage

Due to the open diamond structure of e-Stage, the resin is not trapped within the support structure.

Maximize your build platform

Materialise e-Stage allows you to nest parts in the z-direction without touching part surfaces. You can generate one e-Stage file for all your parts, without taking into account the distance between the parts beforehand. One file per part is also possible. In that case, you can maximize your build space by limiting the width of the support structure with the ‘maximum offset around part’ parameter.

Easily remove the build from the build plate

The notches in the foundation make it easy for a saw to go through the foundation (for SLA machines).

A base plate can be created for a homogeneous distribution of the forces on the build plate. You can easily remove it afterwards with a small tool (for DLP machines).

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