Features of Magics Print Metal 


Magics Print Metal

Materialise Magics


1-click automatic fixing solution, manual and semiautomatic fixing tools

Complete fixing package including Fix Wizard and


Simple section cut and polyline cut, label, hollow and perforator

Advanced options and additional tools including boolean, honeycomb structures, etc.


Automatic placement and manual positioning tools

Advanced orientation tools and Sinter Module


Automatic support generation (point, line, block, cones, trees) and manual support (cones and trees)

Additional support types, complete support parameters set, 2D support editing


Out of bounds, collision detection, wall thickness analysis, measurement tools

Reports generation, build time and cost estimation, trapped volumes detection, build risk analysis


The standard solution allows basic workflow automation and satisfies common needs for fixing and editing

The all-round professional toolbox for all data and build preparation needs, for any technology and any machine