Features of Magics Print DLP

  Magics Print DLP  Materialise Magics
Import .stl .slc .magics .project All common slice, 3D and CAD file formats
Position on build platform Yes Yes
Manual fixing Yes Yes
Auto fixing Yes Yes
Fix wizard No Yes
Cutting Basic Advanced
Hollowing Basic Advanced
Perforating Basic Advanced
Create primitives Basic Advanced
Labelling Basic Advanced
Manual build support Basic
(cone, tree, block, line)
Semi-automated build support Basic
(cone, tree, block, line)
Automated build support Scaffold support Scaffold support
Export .project .stl .magics .project .MatAMX

Prepare Data for 3D Printing

  • Rebranding
    We will rebrand the data preparation software to fit your company. Place your logo, support email address, support webpage hyperlink and color scheme in our software
  • Basic flow tab
    Materialise Magics Print DLP contains a ribbon with all the features necessary to build a part


Featues ribbon screenshot Materialise Magics Print DLP


  • Import
    Import standard file formats (STL, 3MF, MatAMX, magics, mgx, mproject, mpart) and SLC2STL (JewelCAD). If you need more import options, it is advised to consider purchasing the full Materialise Magics software
  • Fixing
    Materialise Magics Print DLP offers basic manual and automatic fixing tools to generate watertight 3D models
  • Editing
    Allow your customers to access standard rescaling, hollowing and perforation tools. They will also be able to perform cut and punch on sections and basic labeling. For more advanced editing tools, it is advised to consider purchasing the full Materialise Magics software
  • Support structures
    This software offers specific support types for DLP: solid (cones and trees, supporting points instead of surfaces) and non-solid (points, lines and blocks). The data preparation environment provides you with manual and semi-automatic support generation of several types of support structures. If you don’t want to interactively work with support structures, you can consider using the automatic support generator option inside the Build Processor

Build 3D Models

  • Localization and rebranding
    You can request new languages for the Build Processor as well as a rebranding of the Build Processor framework. Set parameter visibility, defaults, ranges and more. You can also group machine settings in dedicated machine definitions
  • Image formats
    The Build Processor processes the following image formats: 1-8 Bit PNG, BMP, TIFF (uncompressed) and CCITT 3 Fax encoded TIF (compressed)
  • Mirroring
    Mirror images over the x and/or y-axis. Compensate for the orientation of your LCD panel or for optical mirroring of images through your DLP lens. This is important for Direct Cure applications
  • Export
    We ensure the possibility of exporting to an encrypted ZIP file
  • Material control 
    The Build Processor includes material support which allows you to classify build strategies under certain materials and as such render the build process material dependent. You can easily add, remove and edit materials in the profile editor
  • Build strategy

    The Build Processor provides curing control that allows you to define the illumination time of each layer. It is possible to differentiate between a number of first layers and the rest of the layers, allowing the user to cure the first number of layers differently compared to the rest of the build

    The Build Processor provides edge enhancement for your layers with fast anti-aliasing up to 5x

    Independent baseplate generation provides a solid foundation for your builds and ensures a good adhesion of the structures to the build platform. There are two types of base plate: platform baseplates have the size of a complete build platform and footprint baseplates have the shape of the XY projection of the structures on the build platform

    The non-solid support processor provides a certain thickness to your non-solid support structures

    The scaffold support generator option provides completely automatic support generation. You can preview the supports before building