Who is Magics Essentials perfect for

Who is Magics Essentials perfect for

With its vast range of features, versatility, and ease of use, Magics Essentials can be adapted to any type of industry and business environment.

3D Printing Customers

You can completely control your final design before it is printed. Save costs by hollowing and cutting your design the way that you want. You'll even receive your part sooner since less communication with the 3D printing company regarding your design is needed.

“Depending on the project, we either print in 3D using Print Bureau’s services or with our own machines. Using Essentials, I am always impressed by the high-quality results, no matter which printer or material is used”

– Stéphane Simeon, Digital Modeler


Colors and textures from your original design are retained once you import your file into Essentials. Now, your customers can clearly visualize exactly what your final result will look like. With a better understanding, you will receive quicker feedback from customers. Also, with one click, you can apply the ShrinkWrap feature to create watertight and error-free printable files.

“Materialise Magics ShrinkWrap has become a must-have for architectural files. These files are so complex that you can’t deal with them without ShrinkWrap.”

– Richard Zethof, Owner and 3D CAD Specialist of cad2reality


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Magics Essentials can import many file formats from your customers - so there's no need to worry about converting files. While editing, you can optimize the design with automatic error corrections as well as retain the original color. This will provide you with a shorter turnaround time and quicker responses to your customers' requests. 

“I work with a variety of modeling software as well as scan data from various 3D scanners. Essentials works seamlessly alongside every one of them, resulting in an ideal transition from 3D models to 3D printing. ”

– Erin Dickson, Artist and Researcher


Magics Essentials provides you with the custimisation that you desire: mass labeling, adding logos, and serial numbering. The software will also analyze the design's thickness to ensure that your parts can be printed without a problem.


Every person's mouth is different. Therefore, parts being used to correct any oral issues should be catered to their personal shape. The ShrinkWrap and wall analyzing tools allow you to fix design issues and create an effective model in seconds. With the ability to add labels and serial numbers, you can also ensure you have the correct part for each patient.

“We currently use Materialise Magics to validate STL data and improve the quality of the STL file, using the fixing feature. A better file quality improves the quality of the printed part as well. Since we can prevent build failures, we can save time and costs. We also anticipate that we will be able to save material and printing time with extended usage of the cutting and hollowing feature.”

– Jae Chan Heo, Senior Researcher at OSSTEM IMPLANT Co., Ltd. Implant R&D Center.


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For both mass production and unique pieces, you will benefit from the lower costs and quicker turnover that Essentials will help you achieve. Be as meticulous as you'd like with your design thanks to the high precision editing and repairing.

“Materialise Magics makes STL validation and repair much easier. It also gives us more confidence to 3D print parts without any defects or deviation, leading to innovative, high-quality products for our customers”

– Mr. Karthikeyan, Manager of New Product Development at Titan Company Ltd, Jewelry Division.


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