Versatile 3D Printing Data Preparation Software

All the power and technology of the industry-leading software Magics adapted to the needs of occasional and frequent users, such as professional individuals and mid-size companies. Drastically improve your 3D printing designs in minutes with the flexible and easy-to-use Magics Essentials.

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Why Magics Essentials?

Ease of Use

Users love the logical and efficient interface and workflow. Experience how effortlessly the powerful fixing wizard solves the most complex issues.

Seamless Workflow

Essentials' versatility allows it to import and convert the majority of formats used in modelling. Once your design is complete, your file is ready to be printed by any 3D printer.

Productivity and Quality Boost

Cut down on repetitive manual work and decrease your printing costs. Improve your use of materials and printing time to produce impressive results.

Flexible pricing

Essentials is packaged in monthly, yearly, or 3-year subscription plan to suit the needs of ad hoc project-based work as well as those who use it frequently. As your 3D printing needs grow, Essentials is part of scalable and integrated solutions to meet your requirements.

Who is Magics Essentials Perfect For

With its vast range of features, versatility, and ease of use, Magics Essentials can be adapted to any type of industry and business environment.

“Thanks to the intuitive interface and graphics of Essentials, finding your way in the application is effortless.”
Stéphane Simeon, Digital Modeler

“The repair features, such as the Fix Wizard and ShrinkWrap, are simple to use and save me from wasting my time on manual work. ”
Erin Dickson, Artist and Researcher

Subscription plans


$ 199 / per month


$ 199 billed monthly  


$ 159 / per month

19% discount

$2.388 1.908 billed yearly


$ 149 / per month

25% discount

$7164 5364 billed every 3 year

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