A Materialise Control Platform (MCP) for Your Technology

Since each technology requires a different approach, we offer control platforms adapted to Stereolithography, Laser Sintering and Laser Melting. Take a look at the specific benefits for your technology.

MCP for Stereolithography

Reduce unnecessary actions

Reduce unnecessary actions

The control platform provides layer information that allows you to change the machine workflow accordingly. Use the dedicated layer information to perform accurate build-specific actions and reduce unnecessary actions. For instance, you can limit recoating to the bare minimum or decrease the curing time for support structures thanks to dynamic layer-by-layer decisions.


Achieve the best part quality

Improve part quality and build speed thanks to camera-based process feedback. Let the controller decide when to continue or to pause the process. This leads to the best part quality with the least amount of machine stand-stills.


Build highly accurate thin walls

Use the MCP’s superbly accurate Z-axis control to redefine beam size. This greatly improves the ability to build thinly walled structures with superb accuracy.

MCP for Laser Sintering


Optimize powder usage

The Materialise Control Platform relies on patent-protected algorithms that boost improved powder recycling. This heavily reduces operational costs for 24/7 production machines. From a ratio of 50% virgin powder and 50% used powder, you go to 30% - 70%, meaning that you save up to 20% of material costs!


Minimize part warping

The distribution of temperature on the powder bed surface should be as homogeneous as possible to achieve equal part properties throughout the whole build space; including minor part warping and narrow tolerances. The controller enables thermal inspection using cameras as input for the control of multi-zone heat controllers.


Maximize laser efficiency

Using our own optimized sky-writing algorithms, the controller omits dead-times due to the (typically slow) laser dynamics used within the laser sintering process. As a result, the global energy density input becomes homogeneous with a minimal impact on build time. Due to the automated process unique to this controller, you gain valuable time.

MCP for Laser Melting


Multi-optics Laser Melting

Whether dealing with single optics or multi-optics machines, the Materialise Control Platform handles them with ease. Partial overlaps as well as full overlaps are possible, with a maximum of four scan fields in our standard offering. Rely on multi optics for large build volumes or for improvements in laser speed.


Superb material density

Use the openness of the parameters, the endless workflow opportunities and the skywriting algorithms to optimize your build for the perfect part density. The Material Development Module, together with automatic skywriting optimization, provide the best starting place in the quest for optimum material density and strength.


Broad material support

The Materialise Control Platform has been widely tested and used on several continents with a variety of materials such as aluminum alloys, austenitic superalloys, stainless steels and titanium alloys.


Materialise Magics print compatibility

Machine Manufacturers designing mass-market machines can benefit from the combination of Materialise Magics Print and the Materialise Control Platform. This combination entails a complete data preparation, build processing and controller solution.

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