The Materialise Control Platform Ecosystem

The Materialise Control Platform is more than a controller, it’s an entire ecosystem which includes a Build Processor, a machine commissioning toolbox, an operator interface and a machine calibration tool. The system is perfectly compatible with Materialise Magics and you can incorporate your IP into the controller.

MCP graph

1. Materialise Magics

Prepare files for 3D Printing

Materialise Magics is our world-leading data preparation software. It is essential for completing your 3D printing workflow.

2. Materialise Build Processor

Fine-tune your research process

The Machine Control Platform comes with its own dedicated Build Processor*, allowing you to perform research and define the optimal parameters for your process. It offers access to more than 250 parameters and you can experiment with the different zones and patterns of the Material Development Module.

  • It processes and transfers the build data to your controller without any human interaction
  • It automatically reads out your controller configuration in order to stay within the physical limits of your machine
  • It’s compatible with multi-optics machines
  • It allows you to generate different build styles
  • You can rebrand the Build Processor for your 3D printing machines

* Build Processor for Laser Sintering, Laser Melting and Stereolithography technology

3. Controller

Control and monitor your machine

The controller comes in different forms, depending on your requirements. We offer you the following options:

  • 4-slot Stereolithography package
  • 8-slot Laser Sintering package
  • 8-slot Laser Melting package
  • Multi-optics package
  • R&D package

4. Toolbox

Easily configure and set up your machine control system

The Toolbox enables you to commission a machine quickly and easily:

  • Configure your input/output with easy tree structures
  • Write your scripts in a Lua-embedded environment with parallel processing
  • Set up the correct communication services
  • Rely on an integrated debugging feature

5. Operator Interface

Directly and intuitively interact with your machine

The interface allows you to operate the AM machine and monitor the machine status from anywhere on your network.

  • Start or stop your build
  • Manually control your hardware components
  • Monitor the control system parameters
  • The system automatically adapts the interface to the controller configuration
  • You can rebrand the Operator Interface for your 3D printing machines

6. Calibration Tool

Obtain the highest accuracy from your machine

The calibration tool takes you through the necessary steps to perform a geometrical calibration of your scan field:

  • Detection of scan field deformation
  • Display calibration results and statistics
  • Save and reload calibration configuration setup
  • Export scan field calibration to the Materialise Control Platform

Take Control of Additive Manufacturing

With the Materialise Control Platform Ecosystem

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