Materialise Technology on the Cloud

Materialise Cloud is the power of the Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite on a cloud API, supplying custom tools to support your 3D printing process. Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, beat your competition to market by simply integrating Materialise tools, instead of starting from scratch. At your request, we are happy to add more Materialise software to the cloud.

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Why Choose Materialise Cloud

Go for a Smooth Workflow

Improve the workflow of your platform by easily integrating 3D printing functionalities.


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Invest Little, Start Fast

Save time on in-house software development by relying on our software expertise. What’s more, Materialise Cloud requires low investment to get started.


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Extend Your Customer Service

Our automated tools to prepare models for 3D Printing can help you or your customers to focus on building the next generation of great products and meaningful applications.


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Secure Customer Data

We handle all your files and information with the utmost care and use the latest security standards. Technological barriers, such as encrypted communications and management processes ensure that customer data is secure.

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Features of Materialise Cloud

STL Conversion

Do you have problems with 3D printing your file because the software doesn’t accept your file format? Our conversion tool will automatically convert several file formats into STL.

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Model Repair

This automated tool will repair STL errors by inverting flipped triangles, stitching bad edges, filling holes and trimming surfaces. If this is insufficient, the ShrinkWrap technology will place a thin layer around your model, repairing difficult errors while preserving its details.

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Wall Thickness Analysis

The Wall Thickness Analyzer tool detects small details and thin walls that can cause your model to break during finishing, shipping or its intended use. With the Wall Thickness Analyzer, a color map highlights the problem areas that need modifying or rescaling so your model can be successfully 3D printed.

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3D Printing can be a costly business, and in order to give you the chance of wasting less material while printing, we’ve implemented the Hollowing Tool. Our handy tool hollows out your entire model while giving you the freedom of deciding the optimal wall thickness for printing. This ensures that the printed version will be as economical and environmentally friendly as possible, while still retaining its optimal structural integrity and great looks.


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Triangle Reduction

Tired of heavy files that take an eternity to slice? Triangle reduction is the perfect solution for needlessly complex files, and instantly gets rid of those unnecessary triangles without changing the quality of your design.

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Parameter Extraction

Materialise Cloud extracts parameters such as bounding box dimensions, volume, surface and number of triangles. Thanks to this detailed data, you can easily calculate accurate pricing.

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Model Analysis

Materialise Cloud will check if your model – once converted to STL – is watertight, error-free and ready to be 3D printed. If not, the Model Repair tool will help you solve these issues!

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This tool will rescale your model while maintaining the object's original proportions. Shrink and enlarge models to your ideal size, applying the same scale factor across all directions.

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“Having been many years in the business of computational geometry for 3D Printing, we have come to appreciate Materialise’s achievements in the field, and we are proud to offer their technology to our clients. By integrating Materialise Cloud with Fabnami, we are able to dramatically improve the level of automation and reduce the manpower costs associated to sales and engineering in 3D printing service bureaus and facilities.”

  – Benoit Valin, Business Developer at Fabnami