Sindoh S100

Sindoh S100 Powered by Materialise

Sustainable, innovative AM solutions for rapid prototypes and serial production.

Discover South Korea’s largest polymer industrial 3D printer. The Sindoh S100 is the first commercially available machine to take advantage of Materialise’s latest innovative process technology, Bluesint PA 12. With this innovation, powder that would once have been cast aside can now be used to make new parts.

Not only does this drastically increase the resource efficiency of Laser Sintering, but it can also create a path towards reducing waste in 3D printing. This fully open and flexible polymer Laser Sintering system is easy to operate and maintain thanks to various material packages and remote diagnostic maintenance capabilities.

Sindoh S100

Key Benefits

Robust and easy to use

  • Large build size of 510 x 510 x 500 mm and removable build system improves productivity
  • Consistent printing accuracy ensures repeatability
  • Featuring an industry-leading scanning speed of 15 m/s (33 ft/s)
  • Dual lasers each cover the full print field
  • 3D axes scanning lets you independently change the spot size for each laser in an instant
  • Work with variable layer thickness for greater productivity
  • Offer customers greater freedom of choice by processing materials at up to 200℃, including PA 12, PA 11, TPU, and PP

Integrated and advanced lattice design
(Materialise 3-matic)

  • Easily tweak the machine and process parameters for greater control 
  • Features semi-automatic calibration and remote diagnostic maintenance capabilities  
  • Fine-tune, optimize, and personalize the 3D printing process to unleash the full power of additive manufacturing

Sustainable printing with Bluesint PA 12

  • The Sindoh S100 is the first commercially available machine to feature Materialise’s Bluesint technology;
  • Print with up to 100% re-used powder, helping to reduce waste
  • Drastically increase the resource efficiency of Laser Sintering without compromising on quality

An industry-leading 3D print software bundle

  • Each S100 machine is bundled with Magics Print, a Materialise Build Processor, and its Control Platform (MCP). This provides a great user experience for file fixing, pre-print processing, and advanced process control
  • Fully compatible with Materialise Streamics and Magics 25, supporting industry-scale 3D printing production 
  • Features cloud-based access to crucial machine data for remote diagnostics and maintenance

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