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Materialise offers a research Build Processor for Laser Sintering, Stereolithography and Laser Melting, allowing you to experiment with different scanning and hatching strategies from the largest library in the world, developed for all laser-based technologies. Next to toolpath generation, the Build Processor takes care of machine communication. By combining the Materialise Build Processor with the Materialise Control Platform and our established product portfolio, including integration with Siemens NX, you can rely on a complete platform from design to printed part, and fully experiment with your Additive Manufacturing machines.

The product will be rebranded to your corporate style. Yongnian, Longyuan, Winforsys, Sentrol and Hanbang already brought their own Build Processor to the market. We can develop one for you in just two months!

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Why Materialise Build Processors?

Industry-proven toolpath generation

Get access to a set of industry-proven and technology specific slicing and hatching features (also for multi-optics machines). Invest the enormous time that you save on in-house development on your core activities like hardware development and AM process optimization, resulting in a competitive advantage.

Marketable data prep software

Offer your customers data preparation software and build processing software based on our years of experience with collaborating with leading AM manufacturing. Our Build Processors are connected to a growing number of CAD/CAM providers. In only two months, you can market your Build Processor.

Wide range of applications, limited in-house development

By connecting to the Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite, a wide range of applications open up such as quality control, parameter development, production management, automated support generation, and more.

Functionalities of Build Processors

  • Higher data prep and machine performance
    Improved multi-optic and multi-laser scanning for bigger and faster building machines
  • Better part quality
    Tool path generation optimized for lattice structures and bionic shapes
  • Cost reduction for data prep and migration
    Access to automated simulation-based support generation, Safer data preparation by configurable part collision detection, New available file formats CLI and SLC
  • Better user experience
    Additional configuration options for MatJOB file format output You can pre-define build strategies
  • Better process quality control
    Access to automated process control due to the integration with the Materialise Control Platform

Extra Benefits

  • Easily connect with other products from the Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite

  • Do complex calculations on a dedicated server with remote processing

  • Benefit from second line support and regular software updates

  • Optional Integration of Materialise Inspector

  • Optional Connection to the Materialise Control Platform


  • Create build profiles for regular and expert users and brand the Build Processor according to your corporate identity

  • Fully control your parameters through the flexible, extended R&D parameter structure

  • Control slicing and hatching with performant algorithms, connected to a slice viewer

  • Quickly handle very complex parts and platforms

Materialise Build Processor

Shorten Your Time to Market 

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