3D Printing for Aerospace

Aerospace applications of AM

From aesthetic cabin interior parts to functional components, a vast range of aircraft parts can be reliably and economically 3D printed today.

Customization, short series runs, and the potential for further lightweighting of components, means that additive manufacturing can play a key role in manufacturing the aircraft of the future — safely, efficiently, flexibly.

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What can additive manufacturing do for you today? And tomorrow?

The aviation industry is navigating the most profound period of change since it first took to the skies. AM can help aerospace companies survive today, be profitable tomorrow and start building the future of flight.

The cross-section of a 3D printed titanium satellite inserts showing the lightweight structures within


Smart and strategic use of AM improves the profitability of your manufacturing operations. It unlocks efficiency gains and improves plannability in your supply chain. Using 3D-printed aircraft parts can reduce stock risk and warehousing costs for spare parts, as well as reducing downtime for AOGs.

Black color dyed parts 3D printed in PA 2241 FR


Short lead times and low tooling cost of AM give you manufacturing agility in times of uncertainty. The design freedoms of AM offer opportunities for more flexible designs, smaller series and faster changes for certain parts.

Technical staff doing maintenance for aircraft in a hangar


Lightweight and bionic design, new materials, reimagined supply chains: the future of aviation is unimaginable without AM in it. Today, it can make your operations more sustainable, while building up the knowledge, processes and systems you need tomorrow.

eVTOL aircraft (electrified Vertical Take-Off and Landing) flying in autonomous mode


With AM, more is possible. It’s a manufacturing technique that doesn’t limit your imagination. Fast-iteration design, rapid prototyping, a complete rethinking of components and assemblies. AM allows you to innovate differently and get to something new faster.

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