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Explore new opportunities with 3D printing

With 3D printing, you don’t have to limit your creativity. Design without constraints. 3D printing’s freedom of design allows you to create shapes, structures, and concepts that are impossible with other manufacturing techniques. Realize your ideas with speed, push the limits of creation, and try out a new toolkit for art and design. 

Young female sculptor working on a clay sculpture in her studio

Why choose 3D printing? 

Bring your creative vision to life

3D printing allows you to construct designs with intricate shapes and geometries. You will no longer be constrained by the medium or production method.

Recreate history

Producing a replica of an artifact by hand can be challenging, time-consuming, and result in inaccuracies. With 3D printing, digital scan data of an artifact can be easily converted into a 3D printing file, saving time and maintaining fine details.

Gain complete control

Quickly and easily iterate with digital designs and 3D-printed prototypes. Plus, 3D printing doesn’t require expensive molds or raw materials, making one-off projects achievable and cost effective.

Why choose Materialise Manufacturing? 

Wide range of materials and finishes

With eight technologies and dozens of materials and finishes to choose from, you have access to a diverse range to ensure your design looks and performs exactly as intended.

Dedicated project management

Our project management team has years of experience looking after the production of parts, offering advice, and recommending the perfect 3D printing process for your vision.

Design and engineering guidance

Our Design & Engineering team works with you to help you create your pieces, ensure parts will print successfully, and confirm post-production assembly runs smoothly. 

Ideal materials for art and design

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Typical uses of 3D printing in art and design

Art installations

Don’t limit your creativity — 3D printing’s freedom of design allows for anything from large installations and structures to small, detailed pieces.

Various art installations, including a red, dotted, cylindrical model, a lit orb, and paintings

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