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A picture is worth a thousand words. A 3D model is worth a thousand pictures. You can count on Materialise’s wide range of technologies and materials and a suite of specialized software to make creating your models easy and affordable. Bring your architectural designs to life in incredible detail, right down to the doors and windows.  

Person using tweezers to adjust pieces on an architectural model

Why choose 3D printing?

Showcase your vision

Save time and money

One design, many models

Why choose Materialise Manufacturing?

Print at scale

Include the fine details

Add the finishing touch

Get it right first time

Ideal materials for architectural models

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Typical uses of 3D printing in architecture

Architectural models

Houses, apartment blocks, city halls — 3D printing brings them all to life quickly and affordably, complete with small and complex details. It’s ideal for helping investors share your vision.

Wide view of a 3D-printed architectural model of Antwerp city hall


Get inspired for your next project with a look at how 3D printing has made its mark in the world of architecture.

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