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Every building starts with a model. And when you’re creating the next architectural masterpiece, you want every detail to be perfect. How does unlimited freedom of design, precisely calculated details and scalable proportions sound?

Dedicated Services

How can we help your project? From our exploring design possibilities with our Design and Engineering team to using our software to convert your CAD models into printable models, learn more about our services here.


Architectural Models

Bringing your design to life has never been so easy.

Copy of Atomium by Kurt Renap and Tom Cluckers, Materialise NV based on the original design of the Atomium by André Waterkeyn, André Polak and Jean Polak in 1958 located in Brussels, Belgium

Dedicated Manufacturing

Which 3D printing technology best suits your needs? Which materials appeal to you most? Get a comprehensive oversight of our manufacturing offer down below.


Rapid Prototyping

Easily and quickly produce highly detailed, large-scale scale models and maquettes which allow for flexible design reiterations.


Technologies and Materials

Whether you want a model in full-blown color, or with the most intricate details on display, choose the technology and material that’s right for you from our extensive selection.

“Materialise Magics ShrinkWrap has become a must-have for architectural files. These files are so complex that you can’t deal with them without ShrinkWrap.”

– Richard Zethof, Owner and 3D CAD Specialist of cad2reality