Consumer Goods

Always there, adding a personal touch to your product. 

In a market where consumers want to stand out from the crowd, 3D Printing helps you create products that are unique to the individual. Mass customization and personalization options offer unlimited potential to deliver bespoke products.

Turn your ideas into 3D-printed reality

Discover i.materialise, our online 3D printing service for consumers.

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Dedicated Manufacturing

Which 3D printing technology best suits your needs? Which materials appeal to you most? Get a comprehensive oversight of our manufacturing offer down below.


Experience unlimited freedom of design and the possibilities of mass customization.

Materials and Finishes

Whether you need flexibility, textures, strength or full color – discover our range of materials and technologies including Materialise Luxura, our consumer-quality finish.

Rapid Prototyping

A fast, cost-efficient way to test out your concept design before starting production.

“[Phits insoles offer] a perfect example of a completely individualized product that can be manufactured on a large scale and that can help athletes in improving their performance, but also non-athletes who need specific support underneath their feet or even higher up the legs. In that way we help people to improve their every move.”

– Dennis Vandenbussche, Market Development Manager, Materialise