Materialise Control Platform

Fully empowering your 3D printer

Materialise Control Platform (MCP) is a machine-embedded, hardware- and software-driven platform that gives you advanced control over laser-based 3D printing processes. MCP is perfect for machine manufacturers, researchers, and 3D printing users who need to adapt production processes to meet specific needs.

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Close-up of wiring on the Materialise Control Platform


Get the most out of your machines

Improved process repeatability

Better part quality

Open system

Real-time control

Seamless integration


Easy-to-use, web-based configuration tool

Multi-optic controls

Ready-to-use system

Interested in Materialise Control Platform?

Our experts will set up a demo with you to show Materialise Control Platform in action. Together, we’ll explore the software’s functionalities and discuss how it could advance your production. 

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