Materialise Control Platform

Fully empowering your 3D printer

Materialise Control Platform (MCP) is a machine-embedded, hardware- and software-driven platform that gives you advanced control over laser-based 3D printing processes. MCP is perfect for machine manufacturers, researchers, and 3D printing users who need to adapt production processes to meet specific needs.

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Close-up of wiring on the Materialise Control Platform


Get the most out of your machines

Ensure higher accuracy, optimal speed, and increased efficiency with automatic calibration tool API.

Improved process repeatability

Establish consistent results by applying the highest performing parameters every time.

Better part quality

Control over 250 parameters to determine the combination of parameters that result in the highest quality.

Open system

MCP’s easy-to-use, configurable system provides tools to connect to, control, and monitor all process-related hardware. 

Real-time control

Access real-time data to analyze builds and optimize the printing process with closed-loop control to reduce costs, improve process repeatability, and add efficiency.

Seamless integration

MCP integrates seamlessly into printing ecosystems. Connect to our printer communication software, the Build Processor, for standard load balancing algorithms.


Easy-to-use, web-based configuration tool

Our open platform offers a scriptable layer on top of full customization options for unique applications.

Multi-optic controls

Plug-and-play laser and scan head control for 3-axis systems support up to 16 lasers.

Ready-to-use system

MCP comes with calibration and alignment software, and Industry 4.0 communication protocols are available, such as OPC UA and REST API.

Interested in Materialise Control Platform?

Our experts will set up a demo with you to show Materialise Control Platform in action. Together, we’ll explore the software’s functionalities and discuss how it could advance your production. 

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