Only Four Months from Idea to Working Metal Machine, Powered by Materialise Software

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Inside of a 3D printer lit up

German company Frydryszik Manufacturing + Technical Services (FMTS) provides services to various industries – from constructing a textile factory to training personnel and installing hot-oil systems. One of their recent requests was from a Chinese client, who contracted them to build 3D printing machines quickly and efficiently. Since FMTS had little previous additive manufacturing (AM) experience, they contacted Materialise to help them set up their 3D printing production in no time.

The challenges of starting up an OEM

FMTS had received the assignment to build metal 3D printing machines and their deadline was tight. They had to find a good supplier, take into account delivery time and – most importantly – acquire all the knowledge they needed on 3D printing technology. Materialise was chosen as a partner to provide the necessary experience, software and hardware tools. With the Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite – our complete 3D printing software portfolio – and our consultancy services, FMTS soon got on the right track to accomplish their goal.

The Materialise Control Platform was a key component in allowing FMTS to go to market quickly. This is an embedded, software-driven hardware solution that allowed FMTS to take full control of their laser-based AM machine. The control platform is developed specifically for AM to help examine the AM process and adapt it to the customer’s needs. This makes it easy to go from an R&D environment to market. In addition, the Materialise Build Processor gave FMTS access to advanced slicing algorithms and toolpath generation software.

“Materialise gave us an insight into the world of additive production. The platform is an excellent tool for AM production, since many different parameters can be accessed here. This helped us to proceed properly in the beginning and since we can store all data, all parameters can be tracked later,” says Heiko Frydryszik, founder of FMTS.

Outside of 3D printers in a production facility

We can model, modify, and test the most diverse designs in test runs before they go into real production. All in all, we find that the platform and all the Materialise services related to the platform are an excellent help for a great start.

A stunning metal printing machine

After only four months of cooperation with Materialise, FMTS was able to proudly watch their metal AM machine print parts. In June 2016, they ordered Materialise software, including the Materialise Control Platform, and our consultants visited the German site eight times. In September, the Materialise Control Platform was installed in the machine and the FMTS team received training. One month later, the first parts could be collected from the machine.

With the Materialise Control Platform, FMTS could build their own IP or build upon Materialise know-how. “We enjoyed good cooperation with Materialise and experienced the software to be the best in the market. It is the heart and brain of our machine,” explains Frydryszik. “The support that Materialise provided was absolutely excellent and enabled us to get really fast results in our development project.”

We have to learn more about metal printing but we will definitely go on with the perfect partner: Materialise.

— Heiko Frydryszik, founder of FMTS

FMTS logo 3D printed in metal on top of a build plate

All images courtesy of FMTS.

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This case study in a few words


Machinery and equipment

Solutions used

Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite: Materialise Control Platform

Materialise Build Processor

AM consultancy and software

Why this approach

Create a working metal machine in around four months

Model, modify, and test the most diverse designs in test runs before going into real production.

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