Reconstructive Surgery

With personalized surgical guides, implants, and our dedicated reconstruction module in the virtual planning software PROPLAN CMF™, Materialise offers the means to deliver outstanding care in reconstructive surgery. Experience products tailored to your preferences and patients' needs, supporting you in achieving accurate results and saving time in the OR.

Side view of a jaw with s-plates screwd in in various locations

Solutions for reconstructive surgery

Side view of a skull with patient-matched plates along the lower jaw

3D-printed patient-matched implants and plates

Every personalized implant benefits from a high degree of design flexibility, assuring the best fit for you and your patient. A single large plate, multiple mini plates, or a porous implant​ assist you in performing your reconstruction.

Side view of a skull with 3D-printed surgical guides placed around the jaw

3D-printed surgical guides

Matched with a personalized implant or used as a standalone device, high-precision drilling and cutting guides can increase accuracy, patient safety, and time savings.

Woman sitting at a computer using CMF planning software

Dedicated reconstruction module

With our personalized case intake and management software, you can benefit from a fully digitalized workflow featuring a dedicated reconstruction module.


Delivering flexibility with our range of high-quality solutions

Whether it’s a mandible, midface, or cranial vault reconstruction, our cranio-maxillofacial (CMF) solutions are tailored to your needs, regardless of the etiology or graft.

Accuracy, comfort, and speed

Our dedicated reconstruction module allows simple transfer to the OR for efficient surgical planning and adaptations, including backward planning, the incorporation of dental arches, and dental implant positioning.

Improve free fibula flap reconstruction

Virtual surgical planning improves reconstruction accuracy and provides significantly greater symmetry than the traditional freehand technique. It's notably superior for condyle positioning and complex reconstructions with multiple segments.​

Exceptional, personalized service

Collaborate with local clinically focused engineers throughout the planning process to get the best possible outcome and ensure your surgical preferences are taken into account. Partner with the same expert throughout the entire case.


1. Patient scan
Upload the patient’s (CB)CT scan and dental information to SurgiCase Online

2. Interactive planning
A clinical engineer contacts you to participate in an interactive online planning session to define the surgical plan

3. Design approval
Review the surgical plan and device design online in 3D with SurgiCase Viewer

4. Production of splints, guides, and implants
Your orthognathic splints, surgical guides, and personalized implants are 3D printed within our certified quality management system

5. Surgery
Use the delivered implants and instruments in surgery to reach accurate and predictable results

Clinical evidence

Learn which facts back up our claims and discover the state-of-the-art research supporting manufacturing for CMF.​​

'Using Materialise Personalized Solutions' cutting guides facilitates complex craniofacial reconstructions with patient autologous bone and obtains precise and reproducible results.'
Querios, C. et al. Use of cutting guides during craniosynostosis sequelae surgery: A comparative study between computer-assisted planning and post-operative results (2017)​

'Using Materialise Personalized Solutions' cutting guides and plates confirmed their accuracy and utility in facial bipartition.'​
Schlund, M. et al. Computer-Assisted Surgery in Facial Bipartition Surgery (2017)​​

'Virtual surgical planning for fibula free-flap reconstruction helps to improve reconstruction accuracy and maintains significantly greater symmetry than traditional freehand technique, which should improve functional and and aesthetic outcome.'
Bartier al. Computer-assisted versus traditional technique in fibular free-flap mandibular reconstruction: A CT symmetry study (2021)


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