A comprehensive range of personalized porous implants made to perfectly fit your patient’s anatomy. Get instant results with designs developed for easy fixation. 

Top half of a skull model with a CMF 3D-printed implant

Materialise Personalized Solutions

Close-up view of a porous, titanium, 3D-printed, CMF implant

Porous titanium implants

Designed by our specialized clinical engineers and made to perfectly fit your patient's anatomy. 

3D-printed osteotomy guides in polyamide on a stand

Polyamide osteotomy guides

If one or more resections are needed, Materialise offers osteotomy and pre-drilling guides. Fully personalized in either titanium, these guides ensure that the simulation is properly transferred to the OR.

Healthcare professional looking at a computer with medical software

3D planning for neurosurgery

The neurosurgery-specific workflow simplifies the preoperative 3D surgical planning process. 


Thermal behavior

The risk of head pain due to temperature change with porous implants is very low as the temperature remains close to the physiologic temperature (excellent exchange area/volume ratio).

Surgical comfort  

Determine every aspect of the implant design — shape, number, and position of the screws and suture channels — before you perform the surgery on your patient. 

Quality assurance  

CE-marked solutions, developed for easy fixation and immediate results. They are tailored to be a perfect match for your patient’s anatomy.  

High complexity 

3D printing offers high complexity in designs for a variety of cases. 

Precise and easy fixation  

Thanks to osteosynthesis screws determined according to the anatomical obstacles. 

Proven production 

Materialise Personalized Solutions porous implants are made using 3D printing. They are made from commercially pure titanium, using a high-quality, reliable, and fully approved process. 


1. Patient scan
Upload the patient’s (CB)CT scan and dental information to SurgiCase Online

2. Interactive planning
A clinical engineer contacts you to participate in an interactive online planning session to define the surgical plan

3. Design approval
Review the surgical plan and device design online in 3D on the SurgiCase Viewer

4. Production of splints, guides, and implants
Your orthognathic splints, surgical guides, and personalized implants are 3D printed within our certified quality management system

5. Surgery
Use the delivered implants and instruments in surgery to reach accurate and predictable results

Clinical evidence

Learn which facts back up our claims and discover the state-of-the-art research supporting additive manufacturing for CMF. 

‘Materialise PorousiTi cranial implants are safe and effective: 97,5% success rate at last patient follow-up. All patients reported to be ‘Very Satisfied’ or ‘Rather Satisfied’
Schouman, T. et al. Observational Multicenter Study on 40 Patients Operated with a Materialise PorousiTi Cranial Implant (2022)
Haute Autorité de Santé, France

‘Virtual surgical planning improves surgical precision and outcome. It also decreases the complication rates and the need for secondary corrective surgery, thereby significantly reducing the total cost of surgical care.’
Sesqué, A. et al Orbitofrontal Reconstruction With a Three-Dimensional Titanium Patient-Specific Implant After Intraosseous Haemangioma Resection (2020)
The Journal of Craniofacial Surgery


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