Orthognathic Surgery

Combine Materialise Personalized Solutions with the Materialise Standard+ Solutions for a powerful setup and have a high degree of flexibility in your double jaw surgeries. With a comprehensive range of surgical splints, guides, and implants, the outcome will be more accurate and predictable while increasing patient safety. 

Side view of a skull with 3D-printed surgical implants


Accuracy and predictability  

Comprehensive portfolio of CMF Solutions

Standard+ Solutions: adjustable S-plate

Exceptional service, personalized to your preference

Product highlights

Lower half of a skull with 3D-printed splints and implants

Personalized 3D-printed surgical guides, splints, and implants

Hand using tweezers to pick up a 3D-printed piece from an orthognathic kit

Orthognathics module

Healthcare professional looking at a computer with medical software

3D planning for orthognathic surgery



1. Patient scan
Upload the patient’s (CB)CT scan and dental information to SurgiCase Online

2. Interactive planning
A clinical engineer contacts you to participate in an interactive online planning session to define the surgical plan.

3. Design approval
Review the surgical plan and device design online in 3D on the SurgiCase Viewer

4. Production of splints, guides, and implants
Your orthognathic splints, surgical guides, and personalized implants are 3D printed within our certified quality management system.

5. Surgery
Use the delivered implants and instruments in surgery to reach accurate and predictable results.

Clinical evidence

Learn which facts back up our claims and discover the state-of-the-art research supporting additive manufacturing for CMF.

Ellis, E. et al. — Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Comparison of the Accuracy of Maxillary Positioning With Interim Splints Versus Patient-Specific Guides and Plates in Executing a Virtual Bimaxillary Surgical Plan (2022)

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Accuracy of maxillary repositioning surgery using CAD/CAM customized surgical guides and fixation plates. (2020)

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Clinical accuracy of waferless maxillary positioning using customized surgical guides and patient specific osteosynthesis in bimaxillary orthognathic surgery. (2017)

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Study of the mechanical reliability of an S-shaped adjustable osteosynthesis plate for bilateral sagittal split osteotomies. Study on 15 consecutive cases (2018)


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Other indications for cranio-maxillofacial

Icon highlighting the nose area of a face

Reconstructive surgery

Personalized guides for harvesting bone fragments at exactly the right size and angle and for resecting tumors at the correct location. Personalized plates and the appropriate screws for precise reconstruction.

Icon of a face with a bandage on the cheek

Trauma surgery

Personalized solutions for various conditions, including primary orbital trauma, complex orbital wall and zygoma fractures, and large bone defects.

Icon of a face with the brain highlighted


Personalized porous implants are designed and developed with you by Materialise engineers, tailored to be a perfect match for your patient’s anatomy.

Icon of a face with the jaw highlighted

TMJ Total Arthroplasty System

Our personalized, surgically invasive, and implantable medical device is comprised of a temporal and mandibular component to restore the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).


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