Materialise Process Tuner

Automated & streamlined AM process development

Process development goes hand-in-hand with introducing new machines, new materials into your production or fine-tuning scanning patterns. It’s regarded as a time-consuming, complex process, with validation of just one process window taking up to 900 tests or 34 builds that can lead up to well over half a year of work.

Not any longer. Materialise Process Tuner turns process development into an automated, streamlined workflow boasting speed, reduced costs, and less manual effort. How? With AM intelligence that eliminates redundant tasks, an embedded database, and automated labelling to track and organize tests, and much more.

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Why Materialise Process Tuner?

Reduced costs

Process development used to require significant time and effort to validate parameters with a lot of waste from test parts. In other words — high costs. By using automation to reduce this time and effort while also reducing the number of parts to be printed, organizations will finally experience cost-effective process development.

Reliable, repeatable processes

A highly organized and efficient process development workflow ensures reliability and repeatability going forward. Scale production with ease thanks to added traceability and standardization within your additive manufacturing operations.

Faster time to market

Greatly reduce the number of tests and, therefore, the time spent completing them. By shortening the experimental phase with a powerful cloud application into process development, resources can be freed up faster for activities that generate revenue.

Advanced innovation

Don’t let the complexity of process development slow down your innovation. Streamlined processes enable simpler, faster, and more affordable introduction of new or improved offerings, empowering you to bring your solutions to the next level.

Discover streamlined process development

See how it works

Discover streamlined process development

See how it works

Materialise Process Tuner Features

Materialise Process Tuner

Guided, automated workflows

Experience simplified process development. Fly through the steps with a clear process laid out by the software and automate the generation of samples with different treatments.

Materialise Process Tuner

Insights for determining tests

Define the minimal set of parameter combinations that lead to optimal results. Clever statistics, simulation, and AM intelligence identify the most advantageous tests, so you don’t waste time on redundant tasks.

Materialise Process Tuner

Embedded database

Consolidate your learnings for easy analysis. Magics Process Tuner automatically stores all data generated during the experiments to simplify data examination.

Materialise Process Tuner

Flexible usage

Ensure open communication and easy access to data during process development. Collaborate with colleagues or external partners using this cloud application with private setup options.



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