Materialise Magics Sinter Module

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Why Choose the Materialise Magics Sinter Module

The Materialise Magics Sinter Module offers a wide array of tools that allow you to nest your 3D models in a controlled way. Next to being a smart and very fast 3D nester, it also offers advanced options to protect small parts, indicate no-build zones and print on multiple machines.

Nest your 3D models in a controlled way

Have a look at these top five benefits that open up to you when using this 3D printing software.

Obtain Excellent Part Quality

Using the slice distribution graph, you can optimize the platform for a more equal distribution of material. This leads to an even heat flow and thus ensures both dimensional and surface quality of the highest level. Besides, you can apply variable spacing depending on part size and reach high levels of build density without affecting quality.

Learn more about the slice distribution graph

Optimally Use Available Machine Capacity

The Magics Sinter Module will lead you to the best distribution of parts over your available printers, taking into account part priorities and other properties. In case you are managing multiple machines and producing a large number of parts, the multiplatform nesting option might do the trick for you.


Commit to Tight Lead Times

By packing in more parts, you can print the same amount in less time, or more parts in the same build envelope. Add and nest last minute orders to a running machine without the risk of build failure.


Facilitate Job Quoting

Create a sub-nest of parts from the same order to calculate the representative build volume and offer your customer a correct quotation.


Run a Profitable Business

Increase build density and printer profitability, while reducing powder usage and avoiding scrap parts.


Tune Part Nesting to Your Needs

The Magics Sinter Module is based on the understanding that every 3D printing environment has its own needs and strategies. You can rely on our proprietary software’s powerful, accurate and incredibly fast multi-core nesting algorithms, but also adapt parameter settings for every situation. Features in the Sinter Module are patent pending.

  • Assign the rotation freedom for each individual part in steps of 15°
  • Assign translation freedom for each individual part
  • Analyze and optimize slice distribution
  • Define no-build zones
  • Assign priorities to parts
  • Generate protective cases to group small parts and protect fragile parts
Tune part nesting to your needs

Enhance Your Laser Sintering Process

Furthermore, Materialise Magics includes a whole range of tools to take full control of your plastic sintering processes, such as:
Wall Thickness Analysis - Shape Sorter - Part Labeling - Mass Labeling - Props Creation - Import any model as ‘no-build zone’ - Job Reports - Slice Preview.

A Joint Development

The Magics Sinter Module has been developed and continuously improved in close collaboration with its users. It is then validated at Materialise production facilities before being offered on the market.

Materialise Magics is part of the Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite. This software platform allows you to fully control every step of the 3D printing process, from design to printed part.

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