Materialise CMF Solutions

Technology will never replace the need for surgical skills. But it does form the basis that empowers you to optimize time in the operating room and make patient outcomes more predictable.

Since beginning our journey with cranio-maxillofacial (CMF) surgery over 25 years ago, 3D technologies have opened new frontiers that push the boundaries of 3D planning and device design. Your patients are unique, and 3D planning can support in addressing their individual needs.

From your most routine to complex surgeries, Materialise’s wide range of CMF solutions — from fully personalized to off-the-shelf solutions — give you the means to deliver outstanding care.

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What are the Materialise CMF solutions?

Materialise Personalized Solutions

Materialise Personalized Solutions


Comprehensive range of surgical guides and implants that lead to more predictable and more accurate patient outcomes


Materialise Standard+ Solutions

Materialise Standard+ Solutions


Range of ready-to-use implants that perfectly complement and support a variety of personalized solutions and are strongly supported on both scientific and technical levels


3D Planning and 3D Printing at Point-of-Care

3D Planning and 3D Printing at Point-of-Care

Suite of solutions that brings 3D planning and 3D printing into the hospital, resulting in time-savings while supporting your innovative initiatives to personalize patient care


Why Materialise CMF solutions?

Whichever option you choose, you can be assured of the accuracy and highest quality standards used for our solutions. Our CE-marked personalized
cranio-maxillofacial devices and Materialise Standard+ Solutions are produced within a certified quality management system.

  • Plan all cases with a comprehensive set of solutions for even the most complex cases


  • Rely on the support of global clinical engineering experts


  • Trust solutions that help you reach accurate and predictable outcomes


  • Increase efficiency by optimizing your results and reducing surgery time


  • Support the best possible patient outcomes with personalized solutions


Orthognathic Surgery


Reconstructive Surgery


Quality commitment

Our 30+ years of experience means that we’re the trusted choice of leading hospitals worldwide. We have supported more than 30,000 surgeries with Materialise Personalized Solutions and more than one million implants placed from our Materialise Standard+ Solutions. Our validated and proven solutions are consistently proving their cutting-edge efficiency with higher accuracy and better patient outcomes.

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“I can perfectly demonstrate that we can save up to one and a half hour in the operating room for a free-flap surgery, for example. In the case of orthognathic and trauma surgeries, we would do something like two osteotomies in a day and now we can perform three to four surgeries in a day, in the same operating room. ”

Dr. Thomas Schouman, APHP-Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, Sorbonne University


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