Gain better insight
into complex pathologies
with realistic, 3D-printed
heart models

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Get a deeper understanding of complex spatial relationships between different structures by using an exact replica of your patient’s anatomy. Transform your patient’s experience and increase their understanding by using the latest 3D planning and 3D printing technology.

Communicate with better tools and achieve true informed consent

Use Materialise HeartPrint to engage your multidisciplinary heart team, your patients and their families. With its vast range of material options and colors, our HeartPrint service can represent the pathology of a heart in the best way possible. This supports you in discussing a heart condition more precisely, and in establishing a solid trust with patients. Empower them with all the necessary information to provide an informed consent.

HeartPrint materials

Educate with more detailed models

Strengthen your expertise by using the latest 3D printing technology of Materialise HeartPrint. Use 3D-printed models to educate and train students on complex anatomy. Even experienced surgeons and interventionalists can benefit by learning the latest techniques and devices, or in experimenting with innovative approaches to cases.

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From bench to bedside

Perform tests with personalized or anatomically accurate models, and increase chances of success in clinical trials, by improving patient selection and planning. Build solid evidence and get the validation you require for regulatory submissions. Our improved HeartPrint Flex Plus material has been shown to be optimal in replicating the mechanical properties of arterial tissue, and is more durable than existing materials available on the market.

Discover Innovative methods for device testing

Materialise HeartPrint
for your cases

Materialise offers the largest range of 3D printing materials for cardiovascular modeling available on the market. Transparency, flexibility and thousands of possible color combinations now exist to create the best representation of the cardiac anatomy and pathology. Our turnkey service starts the moment you send us your DICOM images and ends when you are satisfied with your cardiac model.

Our team of application and clinical engineers is there to guide you in selecting the appropriate material, and is happy to support you in obtaining the most functional, and anatomically realistic models possible. You can expect a model of the highest quality, thanks to our robust quality system for anatomical modelling, and a fast turnaround time, thanks to our global manufacturing centers.

“The main benefit of 3D Printing for me is to show that individualized anatomy, as in congenital heart disease each anatomy is unique. And when we’re talking about operating and doing complex procedures on patients, to be able to see and feel that representation on a one-to-one scale really means that we can plan the best procedure, plan the best and most appropriate surgery and make sure we minimize our errors in judgment.”
– Dr. Tarique Hussain, Pediatric Cardiologist, UT Southwestern, UK

How to start with HeartPrint?

Are you facing a challenging case? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of engineers is looking forward to working with you and creating an accurate cardiac model. 

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Do you want to be more hands-on with your case?

Use Materialise Mimics inPrint software and create your own anatomical models. Mimics Enlight Medical provides support for transcatheter mitral valve replacements (TMVR) procedures. Our experts will be happy to support you for any additional information or help.

Mimics inPrint Mimics Enlight Medical

Gain better insight into complex pathologies
with realistic, 3D-printed heart models

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3D-printed Materialise model from the University of Minnesota’s Visible Heart® Lab library

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