Materialise OnSite

Instant Quoting & Lead Time Estimation

Your prototype’s cost and lead time are both affected by the material you choose. Use our instant quoting interface to get an immediate estimation of cost and lead time for any combination of material and finish. Instant quoting and lead time estimation is more than a convenience: it’s a decision-making tool.


Instant Quoting for Plastics & Metals

Trying to estimate how much a small series of 3D-printed metal components might cost? Gone are the days when you had to wait for manual quotations, even for Metal 3D Printing. Just upload your files, choose your material, and get instant price estimates for plastics and metals.

Mass-Ordering Discount

Save money on serial production, with our quantity discounts for mass ordering. Our re-ordering feature makes it easy to pull up a quote you’ve made in the past, and the quantity discount brings down prices incrementally as your series grow larger.



10% Online Discount

When you order offline, you pay for the time and guidance of a project manager. But what if you know exactly what you need, and you need it at the most competitive price? By ordering on Materialise OnSite, you get a 10% discount over offline prices, every time. 

Clear Lead Time Estimation

For any technology, material and finish of your choice, get an instant estimation of how long your order will take. As soon as you’ve uploaded your files and chosen your materials, we’ll tell you exactly on which day your parts will ship.