Mass Personalization in Healthcare

Our journey from one patient to one million

In a world where one size fits no one, everyone deserves truly personalized care. Leading the way with 3D printing and predictable surgical planning, Materialise has already touched the lives of more than five million patients.  


Making individualized care the new standard

Personalized treatment leads to care with better outcomes. Care that is more efficient. And sustainable. The next step is scaling these treatments and going from helping one patient to helping millions more.

Thanks to Materialise's proven track record, with over 30 years of experience, we can achieve the best in treatments with mass personalization through 3D technology.

Key drivers of mass personalization 

Predictive planning

Cost-effective, scalable operations

Next-generation 3D-printed devices

Regulation and health economics

Personalization at the point of care

Discover the future of healthcare through mass personalization

Host a speaker, lead the way

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