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Great designs starts with big ideas. And when those ideas are so big they can’t be realized with a conventional art form, it’s time to get creative. With 3D Printing, design limitations are a thing of the past – your creation is in the hands of your imagination.

Dedicated Services

Bring your ideas to life with our dedicated services and solutions. We can either co-create a project from scratch together with you, or provide advice on how to best use the technology to suit your needs.



Combine your creativity with our expertise in 3D Printing to create innovative designs together.


Design and Engineering

Explore every design possibility with our skilled team of design engineers.

Dedicated Manufacturing

Which 3D printing technology best suits your needs? Which materials appeal to you most? Get a comprehensive oversight of our manufacturing offer down below.


Certified Manufacturing

Benefit from 3D Printing’s freedom of design to make your most unconventional creations.


Materials and Finishes

Whether you need flexibility, strength or full color – our range of materials and technologies presents a number of solutions.


Rapid Prototyping

A fast, cost-efficient way of seeing what your design will look like in real life before actually producing it.

Own a piece of design history.

Materialise has had a long history of pushing the boundaries of creative design with technology. Discover how we impacted the art world with .MGX, our collection of 3D-printed consumer products.

“With digital design and manufacturing processes like 3D Printing at Materialise for example, I can seamlessly create a garment, that rolls out of the machine, that I can directly embed, code, program and test out to be worn a few hours later. It simplifies certain things (manufacturing process), and deepens others (design process). At this point in time we stop 'crafting' fashion – but instead, 'engineer' your garment extensively.

– Anouk Wipprecht