Benin Summer School Week 2: Female Role Models, Prosthetic Hands, Garde Malades

Jamie Milas, Pascale Notté
September 09, 2014

After an amazing first week of brainstorming with the students, we were happy to begin to really work on the projects with the selected 8 students. It was an incredibly busy week as we went around to cities all over Benin to conduct research, but very exciting to work on the details of the projects and to work with the students on developing their project management skills. The progress of each project and personal development of each student have advanced in just these first two weeks and we’re looking forward to seeing how the next two weeks will go. But let’s first give you an update about the Benin Summer School’s second week…

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7-Year-Old Joos Regains Functionality in His Arm

Stephanie Benoit
September 02, 2014

7-year-old Joos fell on the playground at school leaving him with a double arm fracture. After his arm healed and the cast was removed, his arm was completely crooked and his arm was not functioning the way it should: suddenly he could not do some of his favorite things such as summersaults or handstands.

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At the Finish Line: Hear the World Runners at the Zurich Marathon

Elizabeth Boorman
April 10, 2014

The results are in from the runners featured in last week’s blog post. The team we sponsored at the Zurich Marathon fundraising for non-profit Hear the World Foundation finished with a time of 3 hours and 43 minutes. Way to go, team!

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