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When Going Lean Means Changing Lives, Personalization Is the Key to Better Care

Brigitte de Vet
January 30, 2020

The advantages offered by surgical planning tools and personalized guides and implants are applicable to a vast variety of surgical treatments. Some of these benefits have already been raised by the Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) program in the UK.

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5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Medical Image Segmentation Process

Sjoerd Kolk
August 28, 2018

In today’s blogpost we want to give you five quick tips to improve your segmentation process with Materialise Mimics Innovation Suite 21. After all, it’s the first and often the most important part of your workflow!

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Anonymize Personal Data Using Materialise Mimics 21.0

Sabine Van Canegem
April 20, 2018

Through yearly updates, Materialise Mimics Innovation Suite (MIS) strives to position itself as a tool better equipped to meet today’s challenges surrounding the processing of sensitive information. With MIS 21.0, we present an entirely rewritten Anonymize tool, which offers users the option to de-identify sensitive information of data subjects according to the needs and requirements of their company or organization.

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Micro-CT Imaging Reconstructs the Tree of Life: Understanding Placental Blood Flow

Sabine Van Canegem
February 14, 2018

We’re pleased to introduce Nikhilesh Bappoo, our first prize winner of the Mimics Innovation Award 2017 APAC region. Nikhilesh developed a bioengineering framework to better understand how evolving blood flow affects the biomechanics of placental vasculature during pregnancy. In his groundbreaking research paper, he explores placental physiology by creating a 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model of a rat’s placenta.    

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CADSkills On What It Takes To Bring a 3D-Printed Implant Into the Hands and Jaws of Patients

Sabine Van Canegem
August 14, 2017

CADskills is a medical device startup based in Ghent, Belgium. Their expertise lies in patient-specific implants, with a focus on CMF and neurosurgery patients. What is putting them in Materialise's spotlight however, is their AMSJI: a revolutionary 3D-printed titanium jaw implant that will make life better for extreme maxillary atrophy sufferers. Now there's something to chew on. Or with.

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A Novel Just-In-Time Concept

Sabine Van Canegem
May 10, 2017

An Innovative Combination of the Power of Additive Manufacturing and the Integrity of Mimics Innovation Suite  

Researchers from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, are proposing a new concept called just-in-time, that applies to additive manufacturing (AM) prosthesis design. This particular approach adopted by the Australian research converts raw CT scan data directly into 3D printable porous calcaneal prostheses.

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3D Patient-Specific Modeling: Innovative Approach for Scoliosis Diagnosis

Sabine Van Canegem
April 27, 2017

Researchers at the University of Kragujevac have proposed a new, non-invasive 3D methodology to assess scoliosis, in which spine measurements can be performed by limiting radiation exposure and human intervention. 

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The Legacy of Vesalius: Engineering on Anatomy

Stephanie Benoit
November 24, 2016

Roughly 500 years ago, Andreas Vesalius was born in Brussels to a family of court physicians. During his lifetime, he revolutionized the field of anatomy, disproving theories that had gone uncontested for the past 1,300 years. We printed out a 3D model of a brain in homage to the enduring genius of Vesalius.

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Functional Respiratory Imaging: Novel Diagnostics for Lung Diseases

Sandrine Debecker
November 22, 2016

During the Mimics Innovation Conference, Dr. Jan De Backer gave an illuminating presentation about diagnosing lung diseases with Functional Respiratory Imaging, or FRI. It’s is a proprietary technology that combines high-resolution CT scans with computer-based flow simulations.

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Translating the Virtual Physiological Human into Patient Care

Dr. Zahra Asgharpour
November 04, 2016

The Virtual Physiological Human Institute for Integrative Biomedical Research, or VPH Institute, is an international non-profit organization incorporated in Belgium, with a mission to ensure that the Virtual Physiological Human is fully realized, universally adopted and effectively used both in research and clinics. The VPH biannual conference series has grown out of the successful FP7 Virtual Physiological Human Network of Excellence and has become one of the major instruments for maintaining the coherence and momentum of the highly multidisciplinary VPH community.

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