Personalization at Scale: How Are We Going to Increase Adoption?

Brigitte de Vet
August 05, 2021

For 30 years, Materialise has championed the uptake of personalization in healthcare. But how are we going to increase adoption? Brigitte De Vet, VP of Materialise Medical, explains. 

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Why Enabling Technology Is Critical for Personalized Knee Alignment

Tais Casemiro Zago
August 02, 2021

Personalized alignment for TKA has grown in popularity in recent years, with the aim of improving outcomes for patients. In this article, we discuss why enabling technologies, such as 3D preoperative planning and surgical guides, are considered critical to the success of a personalized knee alignment. 

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3D Technology in Fetal Medicine: An Interview with Dr. Heron Werner

We are happy to share the experience and research of Dr. Heron Werner, a specialist in fetal medicine, imaging, obstetrics and gynecology. Read this interview to learn about the contributions that 3D technology has generated, through our Mimics software, in his research on complex fetal malformations.

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The 3D Technology Behind NYU Langone’s Groundbreaking Double Hand and Face Transplant

Alex Pinkie
July 02, 2021

The value of 3D technology in solving complex medical cases is unparalleled. With the help of Materialise's CLEs, 3D planning, and 3D guides, a team of clinicians at NYU Langone Health successfully performed a double hand and face transplant, giving Joe DiMeo a new chance at life. 

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Advantages of Personalized CMF Solutions for Surgical Interventions

Tais Casemiro Zago
June 03, 2021

We spoke to Dr. Thomas Schouman, a Maxillofacial Surgeon working at APHP-Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital at Sorbonne University in Paris, about his invaluable experience on being at the forefront of personalized CMF solutions and the advantages of this technology.  

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8 Rules of MDR for Point-of-Care 3D Printing Facilities

As of May 26, 2021, the new MDR will be fully applicable. This handy infographic explains the key points you need to know, with a focus on medical device 3D printing.

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University Hospitals Leuven Consolidates 3D Expertise in a Centralized Point-of-Care Lab

Siobhan McGonigle
April 19, 2021

Point-of-Care 3D Printing wasn’t a new concept for University Hospitals Leuven, but with 3D visualization and printing expertise scattered across its clinical departments, the hospital decided to harness the knowledge and amplify its reach by establishing a centralized 3D printing lab. 

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6 Trends in Point-of-Care 3D Printing in 2021

COVID-19 challenged the healthcare industry like never before. But it also revealed the huge potential of innovative technologies like 3D printing. Here we look at the most important trends to look out for in 2021 in Point-of-Care 3D Printing as the healthcare industry moves towards the next normal.

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Personalized Guides for Partial Knee Replacement: A Conversation with Zimmer Biomet

Nele Daemen
March 04, 2021

With the launch of Zimmer Biomet’s personalized knee guides for the Persona® Partial Knee implant, we spoke with our longtime partner about the past and the future of personalized surgical solutions in orthopaedics.

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7 Ways 3D Planning Can Support Your LAAO Procedure

Michael Forbes
February 25, 2021

Mimics Enlight recently released the new LAAO planner, joining the TMVR workflow. The two workflows assist in creating clear pre-procedural plans by using 3D planning. Read on to find out what the LAAO planner can do for you.

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