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Structures Module

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Why Choose the Materialise Magics Structures Module

The Materialise Magics Structures Module enables you to transfer a solid 3D model into a lightweight version. A lattice structure can be applied to reduce the weight of the design or reinforce it. Have a look at these four reasons why to choose the Structures Module.

1. Save Powder

Once you have created a hollowed design, you can add draining holes so that excess powder can be removed, leading to lower powder consumption and production costs.

2. Keep the Temperature Under Control

Since a model with structures requires less scanning, the generated heat can be kept under control and distortion during the build can be reduced

3. Enhance Your Design

- Keep your model’s design intact, while reducing its weight
- Create porous designs for bone and tissue ingrowth

4. Freedom of Design

Use the module’s structures library or design your own unit cell structures to create lattices

Transform a Solid Apple into a Lightweight Model

Create a Structure with or without Outer Shell

Original design

Original design

With outer shell

With outer shell

Without outer shell

Without outer shell

Layerwise Lightweight Model

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Choose a Unit Structure

Diamand Unit Structure


Dode Unit Structure


Dodecahedron Unit Structure


Diagonals Unit Structure


Cross Unit Structure


Custom Unit Structure


Add Drain Holes to Remove Trapped Powder or Resin

Drain holes

Experience the benefits of lightweight structures!

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