Materialise Magics 26

The best of CAD and mesh

Two is better than one. In Magics 26, you can leverage both CAD and mesh tools for productive, smooth, and accurate workflows. Experience a CAD workspace built upon the industry-leading Parasolid kernel for part preparation combined with mesh-based operations for platform preparation using tried-and-true Magics tools.

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Explore the features of Magics 26

  • Seamlessly transition between editing, fixing, and analyzing your parts with both CAD and mesh tools
  • Leverage mesh tools in the platform workspace to prepare your build
  • Quickly generate tree supports that are more versatile and performant to increase print stability
  • Simultaneously nest parts with support for optimal EBM stacking
  • Move from design optimization software to file preparation with ease, and complete tasks such as enhancing parts, creating fillets, and adding holes
  • Simplify communication with your customers on production design changes by staying on the CAD level

“The 3D nester has been game-changing. With it, we’ve been able to increase build density by about 2 – 4% and reduce man hours per build by 2 – 8 hours, depending on the complexity. It would be hard to imagine life without it. As we scale production and launch more bespoke builds per week, these savings will become even more important!”

– Kurt Schmidt, Production Manager at Zenith Tecnica

“With Magics 26, I can easily make modifications to CAD models without having to go back to a CAD design software. It’s so much more efficient staying in Magics 26 and not having to switch applications.”

– Astrid Dejosé, Designer Additive Manufacturing at Sirris

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Maximize your use of Magics with learning opportunities led by our own software experts. Watch the recording of our Magics 26 webinar, or join a free Magics Update Training*, also available online, to learn the ins and outs of this latest release.

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  • The opportunity to attend free software training sessions


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Materialise Magics 26

The best of CAD and mesh

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