DMG MORI Build Processor

Seamless integration between Materialise Software and LASERTEC machines

The DMG MORI Build Processor is the result of a close collaboration between DMG MORI and Materialise and enables a seamless connectivity between printer and software. The Build Processor allows users of DMG LASERTEC 12 SLM, LASERTEC 30 SLM and LASERTEC 30 DUAL SLM machines to access a variety of parameters in order to successfully manufacture industrial parts. The software is also compatible with Siemens NX.

As part of the Materialise software platform, the DMG MORI Build Processor can be integrated with Materialise Streamics to guarantee traceability, repeatability, and more control over the entire process. Easy integration with Materialise 3-matic opens up possibilities for slice designs with advanced textures and structures. With the slice-based technology, including an impressive slice speed and sophisticated slicing parameters, large files can be handled easily.

From Data Preparation to Printed Part

DMG MORI Build Processor

Key Benefits

  • One system to serve all your machines

  • Machine-specific parameter management

  • Hatching options and patterns: chess pattern, stripes or no pattern

  • Extended exposure type defaults for supports

  • Slicing parameters: to fill gaps, unify slices, filter contour and reduce point

  • Compatibility with Materialise’s software portfolio, including Materialise e-Stage, Materialise Magics SG+ module, and Materialise Streamics

  • Support of slice-based operations for a time and cost-efficient workflow

  • Compatibility with Siemens NX

  • Compatibility with most Windows OS versions

  • Incudes Materialise Inspector as a Slice Viewer 

  • Includes Materialise Material Development Module

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DMG MORI Build Processor