Communication with your 3D printer has never been smoother

3D printers are complex, so between designing a part and 3D printing it, there needs to be an intermediate step that connects data to the machine in a clear, unambiguous way. What better way is there to do so than with a software solution that integrates seamlessly from end-to-end?

Discover the Materialise Build Processor, a seamless connection between software and hardware to greatly improve productivity by making this complex process straightforward. Interested in incorporating the Build Processor into your own production or 3D printing machine? Find out more from our experts.

Who are Materialise Build Processors for?

Machine owner

Experience seamless printing workflows thanks to one system with the latest technical standards of build strategies to serve all of your machines.

Machine builder

Enable your customers to get the most out of your 3D printer by combining your AM know-how with Materialise’s 30+ years of experience.

Build Processor functionalities

  • Integrates seamlessly into workflows
    Boasts a consistent user interface that easily connects to new machines and other software solutions to streamline processes and maximize relevant AM applications
  • Communicates printing information
    Generates build files with descriptive, clear instructions tuned to the AM Machines
  • Optimizes the printing process
    Provides control of over 180 parameters to reach optimal print quality and speed
  • Monitors machine parks
    Actively retrieve information from the AM machine park for improved production planning and, therefore, maximized throughput
  • Handles complex files easily
    Keeping file size small thanks to robust processing and easy handling of parametric design
  • Developed with machine builders
    Offers capabilities suited for each specific machine

The Materialise Build Processor is an integral part of well-connected production facilities

Made in collaboration with leading AM machine manufacturers


How to Export Platform

How to Export Platforms with a Materialise Build Processor


Lattice Structures

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Materialise Slicing Technology

Materialise Slicing Technology Enables Toyota’s Lightweight Car Seat


Materialise Build Processor

Communication with your 3D printer has never been smoother

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