How to Reduce Costs in Metal 3D Printing

by Amaury Joly and Evan Kirby

Metal 3D Printing combines the design capabilities of additive manufacturing with the mechanical properties of metal. In order to utilize this technology as efficiently as possible, many wonder how they can combat the three main cost drivers of Metal AM: time, material consumption, and machine use. 

Learn from Materialise AM software experts Amaury Joly and Evan Kirby as they discuss the various ways that users can optimize their processes to greatly reduce costs.


In this recording, you will learn how to:

  • Reduce time spent on data preparation and post-processing by up to 90% 

  • Recover nearly 100% of your powder material 

  • Optimize your machine use and reduce scrap rate by 50% 

  • Cut down on costs with tips from a successful Metal 3D Printing case


Amaury Joly,
Application Engineer,

Evan Kirby Senior Application Engineer Materialise Software

Evan Kirby,
Manager Application Engineering,

About the speakers

Amaury Joly, Application Engineer, Materialise 

Thanks to his background in materials science and industrial engineering, combined with Materialise’s 30 years of experience, Amaury’s specialty is training users on two aspects: the entire Materialise software suite and Metal AM. Working closely with Materialise customers, Amaury uses his unique combination of technical expertise and communication skills to train engineers to get the most out of Metal 3D Printing by discovering, employing, and optimizing their use of software solutions, workflows, and/or applications. 

Evan Kirby, Manager Application Engineering, Materialise 

Evan began his 19-year long Materialise career by teaching approximately 100 students per year from more than 100 different companies, including Ford, GM, Pratt & Whitney, various federal governmental agencies, Hewlett Packard, and Toyota. He provided pre- and post-sales support for those companies and is currently managing a team of application engineers who perform those same tasks. 

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