Hospital 3D Printing:
A Clear Path to Value Capture

by Edward A. Stefanowicz, Team Leader, Geisinger Health 3D Imaging Lab & Bill O’Connell, Sales Director – North America, Materialise

Date published: November 2018

Start-up costs and limited reimbursement for a hospital starting with a new 3D printing service or lab can cost between ten thousand and a few hundred thousand U.S. dollars depending on the scope. Though these initial costs can be high, 3D printing services have been proven to have a positive impact has on patient care and your bottom line.

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What you’ll find in this whitepaper:

  • Twelve potential areas of value capture through implementing a hospital 3D printing service
  • A list of literature with measurable value capture as a direct result of patient-specific 3D-printed models
  • Fundamental questions to ask when starting a service or lab, such as whether to start a steering committee and what to measure
  • Suggestions for developing an elevator pitch, managing the service or lab, and tracking value
Hospital 3D Print Lab Organizational Chart

Hospital 3D Print Lab Organizational Chart

Hospital 3D Printing Value Capture Matrix

Free Download: Hospital 3D Printing: A Clear Path to Value Capture

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Hospital 3D Printing: A Clear Path to Value Capture

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