Materialise Standard+ Solutions

We have developed Materialise Standard+ Solutions, a comprehensive range of ready-to-use materials intended for use in orthognathic, traumatology, and reconstructive surgery — thanks to our profound understanding of cranio-maxillofacial (CMF) surgeries.

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Why Materialise Standard+ Solutions?

Expertly designed with both the patient and clinical teams in mind, our Materialise Standard+ Solutions are the perfect complement to Materialise Personalized Solutions and are well supported on both scientific and technical levels. Our CE-marked personalized cranio-maxillofacial devices and Materialise Standard+ Solutions are produced within a certified quality management system.

  • Ready-to-use and flexible solutions, suited for all cases


  • Compatible with Materialise Personalized Solutions, offering a unique continuum of solutions addressing your individual needs


  • Consistent and proven solution with excellent reliability benefiting from more than 30 years of experience


  • Top-class support from customer service to R&D teams with a sole focus on CMF


Orthognathic Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery


Quality commitment

Our 30+ years of experience means that we’re the trusted choice of leading hospitals worldwide. We have supported more than 30,000 surgeries with Materialise Personalized Solutions and more than one million implants placed from our Materialise Standard+ Solutions. Our validated and proven solutions are consistently proving their cutting-edge efficiency with higher accuracy and better patient outcomes.

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