Virtual Planning for CMF Surgery

Cranio-maxillofacial surgery offers unique challenges. PROPLAN CMF™ was designed specifically to allow surgeons to more accurately plan critical clinical decisions, with the goal of simplifying their work and ensuring a better surgical outcome.

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Starting from a patient’s (CB) CT scan, you can:


Generate 2D or 3D visualizations of the patient’s anatomy


Plan mandible and midface reconstructions, osteotomies and reposition bone fragments


Plan for orthognathic procedures


Run soft tissue simulations


Enhance your plan with dental cast or graft site scans as well as facial pictures


Perform accurate 3D cephalometric analyses

Analyze post-operative results


Virtual Splint creation, exportable to your 3D printer

CMF-specific workflows simplify much of the image processing, allowing you to focus entirely on your plan. The dedicated workflows cover orthognathic procedures, mandible and midface reconstructions and distractions.

Benefits of Virtual Surgical Planning
for Cranio-Maxillofacial Cases

Preoperative visualization

Preoperative visualization of the patient anatomy and condition

Virtual simulation of the skeletal osteotomies and reconstruction

Virtual simulation of the skeletal osteotomies and reconstruction

Improved communication

Improved communication between patient and surgical team

How to get PROPLAN CMF™

PROPLAN CMF™ is a specialized suite of tools. To find out how it could benefit your services, contact us.

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“It was a challenging case where we had to combine multiple procedures. PROPLAN CMF™ enabled us to validate the initial bi-maxillary orthognathic treatment plan in 3D, restore facial symmetry and check soft tissue changes. It helped us optimize treatment and create an esthetically pleasing result."
– Dr. Muhanad Hatamleh, King’s College Hospital, UK

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