Better planning leads to better operations.

Osteotomies are traditionally prepared using X-ray images and then executed freehand. Even if you spend a considerable amount of time on planning, you can only undertake these osteotomies to a certain degree of accuracy if you go freehand - especially in complex deformities of the limb. This leads to a less predictable outcome.

Be prepared every time you go into the OR. Materialise Clinical Engineers will support you with 3D planning and custom surgical guides that lead to a more predictable outcome in bone deformities and resections of bone sarcoma.

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Once mapped out, osteotomy guides are your last step in the execution of a successful operation. Based on 3D imagery of the patient’s actual anatomy, Materialise’s guides provide confidence when executing what you planned before the surgery.

Distal Radius Correction Osteotomy Guide

Distal Radius Correction

Cubitus Varus Correction Osteotomy Guide

Cubitus Varus Correction

Proximal Humerus Correction

Bi-Planar Distal Femur Osteotomy Osteotomy Guide

Bi-Planar Distal Femur Osteotomy

Femur Sarcoma Osteotomy Guide

Femur Sarcoma

Acetabulum Sarcoma Hip Osteotomy Guide

Acetabulum Sarcoma

A more predictable operation saves time and may lead to better patient surgery.

For more information about how our guides can help in your case – or to request a free visualization – contact us

Planning Tibial and Femoral Osteotomies in 2D and 3D

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