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Efficient collaboration between engineer and physician is key when working on 3D anatomical models, planning, or devices. The Mimics Viewer is an online platform optimized for desktop and mobile users that allows the receiver to view your 3D patient models, planning, and device designs at their convenience via a user-friendly interface.

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Why use Mimics Viewer?

Provide easy access to your work

The physician or receiver can view your work on their computer or mobile device such as a tablet from anywhere and without software installation.

Enable intuitive viewing and feedback

View the 3D model(s) from any angle, perform measurements, and provide comments in the 3D environment or on the 2D slices.

Share access with confidence

Work in a certified environment for clinical purposes*. 

Maintain control and traceability

Thanks to rights management and traceability, you decide who gets to view, provide feedback, and share the case with others.


Communicate in a professional and secure way with your customers

Let physicians or other stakeholders perform measurements and provide feedback on your work using simple, user-friendly tools

Enable the receeivr to view 3D models and device designs you created.

Facilitate traceability using the case history, and individually setting the rights for each person you share a patient case with

Enable the receiver to compare the 3D models to the medical image data, through a contour overlay of the model on the images. 

Share a patient case with someone who does not have access to a Mimics Innovation Suite, Mimics inPrint, or Mimics Enlight license.

Materialise Mimics is part of Mimics Innovation Suite, the most advanced toolkit for engineering on anatomy.

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Mimics Viewer
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Access to the Mimics Viewer is included in your existing Mimics Innovation  Suite license. For more information, please visit this page.

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*SurgiCase Viewer is intended for use by people active in the medical sector. When used to review and validate treatment options, SurgiCase Viewer is intended to be used in conjunction with other diagnostic tools and expert clinical judgment. Materialise medical device software may not be available in all markets because product availability is subject to the regulatory and/ or medical practices in individual markets. In countries where no regulatory registration is obtained for SurgiCase Viewer, a research version is available. Please contact your Materialise representative if you have questions about the availability of Materialise medical device software in your area.”