Pre-operative planning software for orthopedic procedures

Plan. Prepare. Succeed.

Orthopedic surgeons use Materialise OrthoView to plan, with digital x-rays, for primary and revision hip and knee arthroplasties as well as shoulder and small joint replacements, fracture management and deformity correction procedures. The pre-operative planning software is easy to use and compatible with all DICOM PACS. 

With an extensive prosthesis template library and intuitive, procedure-specific tools, Materialise OrthoView helps surgeons plan each procedure quickly and efficiently to avoid potential complications in surgery.

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Use Materialise
OrthoView for

  • Hip, knee, shoulder or small joint arthroplasty
  • Pediatrics, including limb deformity assessment
  • Trauma and fracture management
  • Spinal deformity assessment

The power of OrthoView, now on the web!

Accessible from any computer connected to the hospital network via an internet browser.

  • Same functionality as the desktop version
  • Quick and easy to launch 
  • Zero Footprint deployment
  • No hardware / software (i.e. Java, Citrix) dependencies

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“Now that I do all my pre-operative planning with OrthoView I feel much more confident going into surgery than I would if I used basic anatomic landmarks alone… The more thought that is put into planning the procedures before surgery, the quicker and more accurate the surgery will be. Orthopaedic surgeons need dimensional and relational data, relating to offset and leg length, and that's what OrthoView allows us to do.” 
– Ron James, MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon at Mercy Medical Group in Sacramento, CA

Meet our partners


Materialise OrthoView has partnerships with all of the major PACS providers and over 75 orthopedic manufacturers. Those relationships enable us to reach and inform the orthopedic community worldwide regarding the benefits of digital planning with our software.

There is a compatible version of Materialise OrthoView for every PACS but many of the larger PACS companies also offer an integrated solution.

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OrthoView is integrated with many of the major PACS and is currently available through the following suppliers of PACS / digital radiology:

These partnerships are fundamental to the success of Materialise OrthoView and enable us to reach, educate and support the medical community worldwide. However, there are many other digital radiology / PACS systems that our software may be compatible with. To find out how we could integrate with your PACS system, contact us.

If you are an existing OrthoView partner and would like access to our partner website, please send us your full contact details.


The OrthoView Digital Template Library comprises over 200,000 digital prosthesis images. Each digital template is created according to specifications provided by the orthopedic device manufacturers.

Is your preferred prosthesis manufacturer on the list?

Below is a list of the orthopedic device manufacturers we partner with. If you do not see your preferred provider on this list, or your preferred device is not in our Digital Template Library, please let us know here.

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Check out our extensive orthopedic digital template list available to customers (Windows and Apple OS X compatible and compatible with PACS that meet the DICOM standard).

Orthoview template library Learn more

Purchase Options

Materialise OrthoView offers multi-user solutions for hospitals, orthopedic and multi-specialty group practices, as well as individual solutions for surgeons in private practices. The software is compatible with all PACS that use DICOM images and, in many multi-user cases, is provided fully integrated with the PACS.

Software and licenses can be purchased directly from Materialise or from one of our many international sales partners. Note that available purchase options may depend on location, setting, PACS partner and system requirements.

Materialise OrthoView Multi-User Licensing Options

We offer several different licensing options for multi-user accounts depending upon the number of sites and orthopedic surgeons that will be using the digital pre-operative planning software, as well as the number of surgeons that will be needing the software at the same time. For more information about our licensing options, please contact our sales team to discuss the most suitable options based on your institution’s needs.

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