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What's New in OrthoView 7.5?

For over 20 years, Materialise OrthoView has offered the latest innovations driven by surgeons' needs for primary and revision hip and knee arthroplasties, shoulder and small joint replacements, fracture management, deformity correction, and spine procedures. Today we’re announcing the launch of an automatic segmentation tool in Mimics Viewer, enabled by artificial intelligence (AI). Watch videos on the release and read on to learn more about the update.

With our new features, we improved planning efficiency with a more secure software, giving you fast and reliable results.


Streamlined and smarter planning

  • Analyze hip cases quickly using Image Landmark Detection, which quickly and accurately pre-positions and pre-sizes templates created and enhanced through collaborations with leading surgeons
  • Easily carry out a complete assessment on both hips using Bilateral Smart Hip Analysis, which incorporates contralateral measurements (acetabular and femoral offset) to recreate natural biomechanics
  • Quickly scale hip X-rays without clicking on a marker using Auto-detection of common scaling markers
  • Benefit from UX improvements including a clear display of the magnification percentage on the screen
  • Use the software with flexibility and full accessibility by utilizing a continuously self-updating online library of technically and clinically verified intelligent templates, accessible to work on multiple implants and procedures at the same time

More reliable and secure software

  • Take advantage of no support fees, current Java updates, and configurable password policies for hospitals not using Active Directory now that OpenJDK and OpenWebstart have replaced Oracle Java
  • Benefit from actively maintained software, meaning you'll have the latest cybersecurity updates and support

Make use of support engineers available to aid you with technical aspects of OrthoView

Support to make you an expert digital templating user

  • Watch available videos to get the most out of OrthoView 7.5
  • Access cases and webinars available in our Academy
  • Take part in targeted on-demand training sessions with leading specialists as part of the continued maintenance package

Discover what’s new in OrthoView 7.5

Watch this video to discover the new features and enhancements in OrthoView 7.5, presented by Materialise experts.

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