Jumpstart your investment casting process

Save time and money in your investment casting projects by directly printing your foundry patterns. By pairing Somos TetraShell software with our Stereolithography technology, you can eliminate the need for time-consuming and expensive tool production. With 3D-printed foundry patterns, you get a fast, economical and flexible solution for your casting projects. In addition to prototyping, our patterns are also ideal for tool validation and casting small series of metal components.

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How Does TetraShell Work?

TetraShell is a process to create an extremely lightweight model in Stereolithography which is used by foundries to make a ceramic shell for metal casting. TetraShell software converts a solid 3D design file into a hollow model consisting of a very thin outer shell and reinforced with a tetrahedron structure inside. The lightweight structure prevents the ceramic shell from being damaged by thermal expansion.


Why choose TetraShell?

Building investment casting patterns in one piece results in better dimensional accuracy and repeatability, and reduces the risk of surface flaws such as inclusions. Our patented Mammoth Stereolithography machines allow us to build patterns with a length up to 2.1 meters, and with the best surface finish in their class. With a fully-equipped facility for Stereolithography and a dedicated post-production unit, our large capacity allows us to offer you competitive lead times for your 3D-printed patterns.


Ideal applications for TetraShell


Patterns for investment casting or lost wax casting for industries including:

  • Aerospace and aeronautics

  • Energy, oil and gas

  • Architecture

  • Automotive

  • Marine engineering

  • Art and jewelry

Choose TetraShell When You Need…

  • Complex geometries with the highest design freedom
  • Very smooth surface finish
  • High dimensional accuracy and stability (± 0.2%)
  • Rapid production compared to traditional methods
  • Large parts up to 2.1 m in length
  • Lower ash residue than other 3D-printed patterns

Technical Specifications for TetraShell

Standard lead time Minimum of 5 working days, depending on part size, number of parts and finishing degree
Standard accuracy ± 0.2% (with lower limit on ± 0.2 mm)
Maximum part dimensions 2,000 x 700 x 788 mm

Material for TetraShell



This variant of the Tusk2700 material features low moisture absorption and high stability, resulting in accurate casting patterns. TuskXC2700T is a transparent material with a slight blue tinge, and is suitable for a variety of fine finishing degrees. The transparency of this material ensures thorough drainage of residual resin for a better casting quality. TuskXC2700T also results in lower ash residue compared to other 3D-printed patterns, at 0.095%. With these characteristics, TuskXC2700T reduces the risk of surface imperfections.



This material, developed together with pattern makers and foundries, creates exceptionally flawless investment castings. An antimony-free material, Element is suitable for high-end alloy castings with titanium and other super alloys. Paired with our Mammoth Stereolithography machines, Element produces accurate, repeatable parts regardless of size. Its low viscosity contributes to rapid draining. Patterns created with Element have lightweight, easily removable trace amounts of ash after burnout. This makes for a cleaner void in the ceramic mold, resulting in faster mold preparation and reduced risk of inclusions.

Tetrashell™ and Somos® are trademarks of DSM

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