What's New in Magics — 2023

Automate | Connect | Trace

Digital image of a metal part popping out of a screen displaying Magics software

About this webinar

Experience the next level of connectivity and traceability with Magics. In this webinar, our software experts share the newest features, such as integration with our CO-AM Software Platform and the scripting options offered through our Workflow Automation tool. Join in to learn the difference our leading data and build preparation software can make in your 3D printing production.

What you will learn

  • How to automate repetitive tasks and optimize your processes using the Workflow Automation tool
  • How to enhance connectivity, control, and traceability in your production process through the integration with CO-AM
  • How our quality of life improvements, such as BREP operations and Edit Mode within the platform, increase efficiency

Meet the speakers

Lieve Boeykens

Solution Strategist Manager, Materialise Software

Egwin Bovyn

Product Line Manager of Magics 3D Print Suite, Materialise

Tem Bertels

Product Line Manager of CO-AM, Materialise

Laurens Schulte

EMEA Presales Manager, Materialise

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