How 3D Pre-Op Planning and Printing Can Help with the Difficult Glenoid

Dr. Guisasola explains how the collaboration started and how his hospital and radiology department now works with Materialise for the initial glenoid assessments.

He tells us when the hospital uses 3D Printing, illustrating this with examples and then elaborating how he uses 3D models with two specific cases.

Afterwards he comments on the pre-operative 3D plans and analysis that he did working with Materialise to prepare for a shoulder implant surgery for a patient with a big defect.

He concludes the webinar by saying that 3D Printing is a helpful tool for pre-operative assessment. According to the presenter, it should be a part of your build up work. It helps the surgeon to make a decision between graft-glenoid supplements or custom-made implants.

What you will learn

  • How 3D Printing fits into the practice at the hospital
  • The five benefits of 3D Printing in glenoid surgeries according to Dr. Guisasola
  • Why using 3D-printed models helps preparing for surgery
  • How Dr. Guisasola prepared for a complex surgery with the help of a clinical engineer and what the results were
  • His recommendations on using 3D Printing as part of the build-up before surgery and during surgery


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