Materialise Build Processor for OEMs

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With the power of Materialise technology and CO-AM at your fingertips, you can create, connect, and commercialize Build Processors for your machine and clients like never before. Discover the unmatched benefits you can offer when you work with the Build Processor Software Development Toolkit (BP SDK) and Materialise Machine Manager (MMM).

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Create your next Build Processor with Materialise technology

There’s more than one way to create the optimal build processor for your machine, clients, and applications.

The benefits of Materialise Build Processor SDK

Reduce development costs

By leveraging existing and proven technology, you can innovate and differentiate build file generation for your machine and clients while reducing the impact it has on your bottom line. Focus on your core, and don’t reinvent the wheel.

Boost IP generation

Relevant AM building blocks enable you to realize your build process innovations and applications faster than ever before. Access to the most advanced zoning, hatching, energy deposition, and sorting algorithms helps you develop and differentiate your machine and boost the build productivity and quality for your customers.

Overcome limitations

Remove the data size barriers to make the largest and most complex parts, platforms, and process definitions printable thanks to state-of-the-art AM job file formats. Achieve calculation results with unmatched and scalable performance.

Offer rapid time-to-market

Speed and agility are key when you want to deliver quality and do it fast. Achieve real results for your machine and customers in no time with our expert guidance, accessible Python interfaces, meaningful reference implementations as a starting point, and tools to seamlessly connect your creations to a scalable and proven software platform.

Materialise offers with their BP SDK a powerful toolbox for developing our own build processor. It provides the opportunity to create a competitive technology solution while we were able to focus on process-related details and integrate our own IP.

Dr. Thorsten LöwerManaging Director, Pro-beam
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Commercialize your creation with Materialise Machine Manager

When it's time to share your creation with the world, connectivity is king. Materialise Machine Manager is here to help. Whether you created your application using Materialise or in-house technology, we can help you commercialize your offering and connect it to CO-AM, where it can be accessed by thousands of users.

The benefits of Materialise Machine Manager

Access new markets

Smoothly introduce your machine and innovations to new customers and markets by tagging onto a familiar and unified workflow for an established customer base.

Focus on your core activities

By repurposing scalable software infrastructure, you can spend your valuable time focusing on the activities that matter most.

Help customers get more from your machine

Connect your BP creations to a wealth of CO-AM applications, enabling your customers to further boost their productivity, quality, and traceability.

Partner up for joint success

Partner with Materialise to collaborate on sales, support, marketing, and strategic road mapping to ensure success for your machine, solutions, and our joint customer base.

Go further with CO-AM

Connectivity is king. Talk to us about how CO-AM can help you bring your creation to the world.

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