EOS Build Processor

A seamless connection between 3D printing software and EOS printers

Access a variety of printers to successfully manufacture industrial parts with EOS machines. This software was made in collaboration with EOS and is compatible with Siemens NX. 

External view of the EOS M 400 3D printer on a white background

Key benefits 

Extensive compatibility

The Build Processor connects to EOS machines, and the integrated EOSPRINT SDK is compatible with the M400, M300, M290, M100, and P500 machines.

Gain workflow efficiency

Save time and simplify your process by centralizing all data preparation steps in a single, unified workflow.

Advanced control

Control the building process by importing and applying your custom exposure strategies via the Build Processor.

Minimize mistakes

Avoid possible assignment mistakes by accessing essential EOS material set information directly from your data preparation software.

Increased repeatability

Generate unambiguous build files that embed parts, EOS exposure parameters, and the parameter assignment that controls the build cycle.

Improved machine loading

Avoid data corruption or loading an incorrect build and save time by directly loading the generated build file to the machine without intermediate steps and files. 

Cover the full workflow

Hexagon icon with white, gray, blue, and yellow triangles

1. Data and build preparation 

Fix, edit, support, place, and nest parts 

Icon of a 3D printer

2. Machine communication  

Assign parameters, slice, and hatch  

Icon of a 3D printer printing a cube

3. Printing 

Build 3D-printed parts with clear instructions for the printer 

EOS Build Processor details

Latest release 

  • Version 3.0 

Compatible machine models 

  • EOS M 400 
  • EOS M 280 (400W) 
  • EOSINT P350 
  • EOSINT P360 
  • FORMIGA P100 
  • EOSINT M 280 (200W) 
  • EOSINT P730 
  • EOSINT M270 
  • EOS M 100 
  • EOSINT M250 
  • EOSINT P390 
  • EOS M 290 
  • EOS M 400-4 
  • EOSINT P700 
  • EOS P 800 
  • EOSINT M 250 Xtended 
  • FORMIGA P 110 
  • EOSINT P760 
  • EOS P 396 
  • EOS P 770 
  • EOSINT P385 
  • EOSINT P395 
  • EOSINT P380 

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