Social engagement

A key part of our sustainability program involves supporting NGOs, non-profits, and grassroots initiatives around the world, focusing on projects that involve the use of technology to improve people’s lives and make the world a better place.

Charitable initiatives

Materialise supports a selection of charitable initiatives around the world. Our focus tends to be on projects that engage our people and/or technology, and, as always, we aim to empower meaningful, sustainable change.

Benese Women Holding Bananas

Empowering financial autonomy to Beninese women

In 2020, we donated approximately 2,000 banana plants, one on behalf of each Materialise employee, to the Foundation Hubi & Vinciane for their Banana for Every Woman project. By providing plants and training sessions in banana cultivation, crop processing, budgeting, and sales skills, this initiative aims to improve nutrition in Benin and provide women with financial autonomy.

Benin Summer School Students

Benin Summer School

This long-standing initiative aims to improve the education levels and employment opportunities for less advantaged teenagers in Benin. They are given the opportunity to access higher education scholarships and potentially go on to positions that will enable them to meaningfully contribute to their communities.

The Dream Bus

Silk Road project

This initiative addresses educational inequalities in China by introducing elementary and middle school students to 3D printing via a “Dream Classroom” bus. Since the project’s inception in 2015, it has visited about 200 schools across China and more than 50,000 students have participated.

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