Together towards a just, inclusive and healthy society

At Materialise, we recognize the important role we play, not just in relation to our workers, but also to the communities around us. We are committed to helping create a more just, inclusive, and healthy society, and empowering meaningful change through sharing our know-how, technology, and resources.

Passion for personalization

Materialise is recognized as a pioneer and world leader in personalized medical devices: surgical guides and implants, that are specifically designed to accurately fit the anatomy of the patient.

Helping patients and surgeons all over the world, we have seen firsthand the impact personalized medicine can have. These devices add more predictability into the surgical setting and allow for the treatment of even the most challenging clinical conditions. They can help reduce the number and duration of treatments, improving patient lives, saving costs, benefiting society and the environment through reduced travel and hospital stays, and freeing up valuable medical workers and other healthcare resources, which can then be redirected to others in need.

Through collaborating with our partners and exploring new meaningful applications, we have also been able to help even more people live better, healthier lives via the creation of personalized hearing aids, eyewear and orthotics, taking the benefits of 3D printing one step further.

In 2020, we helped more than 50,000 patients and to date, have printed more than 350,000 personalized devices.

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Social engagement

A key part of our sustainability program involves supporting NGOs, non-profits, and grassroots initiatives around the world, focusing on projects that engage our people and technology to improve lives and empower meaningful, sustainable change.

To learn more and discover some of these stories, please visit our Social Engagement page.

Providing support in times of crisis

One of the main strengths of 3D printing as a manufacturing technology is its speed. This feature has proved critical during the COVID-19 pandemic during which our healthcare systems and everyday tasks have faced unprecedented hurdles.

We stand behind our mission of creating a better and healthier world, particularly when crisis hits. As a result, we developed new solutions, including personal protective equipment, hands-free door openers and critical medical devices, to help our healthcare systems and individuals stay safe. Many of these items have been donated to hospitals and other organizations in need around the world. The design file for the door opener was made available free of charge and has been downloaded more than 100,000 times from our website, helping communities across the globe.

Working at Materialise

Our ability to provide innovative solutions and applications relies on the talented people within our global organization. Our success comes from our people, and our goal is to ensure a work environment where all employees feel safe and healthy, empowered to grow and thrive.

Various people at Materialise working in production, collaborating in meetings, and playing table football

To effectively support our 2000+ employees in more than 20 countries worldwide, the Materialise HR strategy is based on:

  • Safe and healthy office and production facilities
  • Employment policies to support diversity, inclusion and equality
  • Employee training and development
  • Wellness and lifestyle support

Top Employer 2021 Logo

In 2021, for the second consecutive year, Materialise HQ was awarded certification for excellence in employee conditions by the Top Employer Institute in Belgium.

Want to make a positive impact? Join our team. More info on our careers page.

Supply chain policy

The Materialise Supply Chain Policy aims to foster sustainable procurement and support the driving elements that shape us as a company: innovation, co-creation, people, and quality. It requires that our suppliers share data regarding their sustainability programs, and encourages them to be accountable, ethical, and respectful of human rights. Each year, we review and update our supply chain policy, as required.

Select and download policy (PDF):

file_download  Materialise Worldwide Supply Chain Policy

file_download  Materialise UK OrthoView Labour Standards Policy

file_download  Materialise UK OrthoView Supply Chain Policy